Yu Heard Meh

Yu heard Meh

During this planet’s upheaval and turbulent times, it is necessary always to create balance which usually comes in the form of artistic expression through music, spoken word, dance or illustration.  All three are on display at this event.

One of the strengths of our culture is to communicate through music, vibrations, rhythms, sound and movement, even during turbulent times…we sing, we chant.

The brain child of talented, RasTafari empress Cue Kirk, Yu Heard Meh is a path through poetry, dub poetry; “Word, Power & Sound”, who is one of the night’s featured performers bringing the fyah as is her style.

Michie Mee
Canadian, reggae, dancehall, hip hop, pioneer, legend!  That’s who she is!  I’d like to write a number of superlatives about this lady and went to the trouble of asking her for her bio to aid me in the verbiage.  When I read it, I decided to just add the link to remind those who already know and to introduce her to those who do not have the knowledge.


Uber-excited and stoked to hear Michie spit poems and song lyrics.

They say that black people do not read.  Part of that ‘truth’ is that we love / d to listen and hear stories handed down by generations of ‘story tellers’.  This bonded the relationships from children to children and bound them to the adults, teaching reverence and respect to one’s elders and generations of ancestral stories passed down through the years.  8th generation Storyteller Jacqui Du Toit will be there to bring us back to a time when there was far move love in the world.

The event will feature live painting by visual artists Komi Olaf & Malcom Yarde, while the performances are ongoing creating and encouraging a completely art driven evening of performances, poetry, storytelling, talent and love.

While the world does some of its negatives, please come and join and bring the positive, beautiful energy that resides within all of us.

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