Who is we?

I was talking to younger, fellow Jamaican about some of the standard shortcomings of “our” people as it pertains to hindering our growth in Jamaica as well as here in Canada and I mentioned that we have so many psychological hurdles to overcome in order to achieve successes in growing businesses and generational wealth

This young idrin asked intelligently, “who is ‘we’ Julian?”

“Who is we?”

The scope and depth of this question is truly far reaching as it pertains to internal obstacles

Obstacles ingrained though colonial abuses for centuries, now deeply entrenched in the psyche of many Jamaicans and not everyone is on your team

We must firstly start with the tribalism horseshit two party system, the PNP and the JLP and how detrimental that distraction has been to the growth of Jamaica

Bere fuckery!!!

Pitting Jamaicans against Jamaicans in a useful tactic, passing blame from one party to the next and have the gullible sheep focus on the idiotic argument as opposed to the well being of themselves our of the country

Kill for the party

Fellow Jamaicans kill each other for party politricks

A famous saying by a Native elder is “the left wing and the right wing are a part of the same bird”, flying in the same direction.  Naive residents, for years, have put their faith in corrupt leadership with no end in sight

There is no “we” when it comes to the support of one party or the next

There is no we in this colonial struggle of the haves versus the have nots 

We create enough divisions so we have no common ground to improvement because individual goals are totally different

Who is we?

We are humans

Humans defending humans

Tribalism is idiotic at best

I listen to no rules by those who insist on rules and laws

We must think for self and beyond tribalism 


We are humans

There are humans in every culture and race

There are demons in every culture and race

I will not defend a black or white demon

They are not me

They are not my “we”

The focus must be shifted from race or politics or gender and focus on humans

Humans are connected globally

So are demons

Identify whom you speak to as well as speak for

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