What is Sleep? ~ Written from feel

Art by Neal Adams
Everything is timed around when you / we need to sleep

How many hours do I have left before I have to fall asleep?

4:00pm, a quick after work beer or 2 or 5 before I head home

No it’s too early for alcohol at 4:00pm, I’ll hit two Guinness and spliff at about 11:00am as I unwind for bed

7:00pm, I have four hours of TV before I go to bed at 11:00pm

8:00pm, just got in from the gym, eat a solid meal, eat a light meal, catch some YouTube docs, hit the hay at 11:00 precisely to achieve the required sleep cycle the body needs to recover from the workout that day, in order to function properly the next day

How many hours to bed time?

How much sleep did I get?

Was it restful sleep?


Is it just rest?

Is it a connection to the cosmos?

You go into the sleep dimension and come out each morning with ideas, energies, and sometimes mass confusion

What is sleep?

Where is sleep?

I like it

Sleep is definitely my friend

“Life is for the living”…  We seem to only count the awake time as being alive but sleep is a portal not even we ourselves can control, yet we are still very much alive and sometimes quite conscious in dream state when vivid images and events occur

Why do babies sleep so well?

I feel like it is a sense of deep comfort.  Safe, comfortable, warm, loving space created by a loving home

When things are going well and one is happy, sleep is an easy thing

When stressed, sleep becomes a fleeting friend

The spiritual realm is in your sleep so one must manifest that loving energy while awake, as it will transfer into your sleep psyche and create that warm, loving space, leading to better sleep

The hamster wheel has us all

I write as you can see here, a bunch of thoughts.  No answers or solutions yet aware that a stronger spiritual energy must occur while we are awake in order for us to sleep well, like a baby, every night

Individual vessels

Only you control your space, no matter the level of discrimination is faced globally

Be conscious of this truth and find it within yourself

The portal of sleep sets the awake state as the awake state affects the sleep

The lies, anger, deceit, vengeance, sarcasm, hate, fear, bad vibes during the wake state ends up in your nightmares

Your sleep is yours to use in your own spiritual world

Your spiritual well being is only on you.  It cannot be legislated nor explained as it is all feel

This one again is written from feel

​~ ~ ~  

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