Violence in the music is reflective of the Society’s Corruption

Reggae Lane, the first roadway in the world, named after reggae music​, right here in Toronto, Canada, at Eglinton and Oakwood, respecting a time of reggae culture in Little Jamaica

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Reggae is a global spiritual movement

For most of its lovers, which include so many sub-genres, the messages of love, truth and equality are the foundation blocks for generations of fans

There are parts of the music, especially within the dancehall, that expresses high levels of aggression and violence, which clearly reflects the mood and sentiment of the people and does shed a dark shadow on reggae culture, yet as I stated earlier, it is a REFLECTION of the society

Since the 6th August, 1962, it is my opinion that the Jamaican leadership / government / parliament / prime ministers / politicians have deliberately brought violence to bear on Jamaican citizens

This started with the orchestrated violence on Corral Garden, by the first prime minister, Bustamante, murdering innocent RasTafari in order to go into the camp and raid them of very large sums of money from ganja sales, which RasTafari could not put into Jamaican banks

Bustamante invented this raid to steal RasTafari money and kill innocent Jamaicans

Bustamante is no Jamaican hero to me {one cannot be a Jamaican hero if one murders Jamaicans in my opinion}

The list of offenses by the Jamaican governments are too numerous to mention

Now this current leader is talking about the violence in the music as being the issue behind the violence


This mascot leader is from a long line of mascots

How is bauxite mining more valuable in Cockpit Country that fresh drinking water?

Why isn’t reggae music monetized to improve the economy of the county now for sixty {60} years?

Why does the leadership act like wardens of a penal colony?

Blessings Baby Cham for speaking up

One artist speaking changes nothing though

I implore humans who love peace, who love Jamaica, the global Jamaican diaspora to ask these questions and many more, from these mascot governments that have been placed in charge of a beautiful culture

Tonya P album release cometh

The Canadian reggae queen, The First Lady, is bringing some blazing tracks and a full virtual performance

Foundation Steppas with “Pendulum” on formats listed


Benjy Myaz asking the most important question, “What’s Going On”

A talented Jamaican reggae / jazz performer making his bass talk to the audience


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