Vancouver Independent Music Centre Needs Your Help!

Show Support for the Music Presentation Centre as part of the development of the Plaza of Nations

Public Hearing scheduled at City Hall
6 pm, Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Vancouver Independent Music Centre Society (VIM House) was created in July 2011 by a coalition of musicians, music presenters and managers who support the planning and development of a purpose built, culturally diverse, affordable and accessible music centre. This not-for-profit, charitable organization has undertaken a series of studies to determine the need for and feasibility of a new state-of-the art venue that will suit the needs of the local music community.

The vision for VIM House is to showcase the incredible diversity and wealth of music in Vancouver, as well as to host performers from around the world; to create a place where musicians and artists from different genres and cultures will meet one another, share ideas and experiences and develop new musical collaborations.

Vancouver has produced some of the best musicians in the world and is home to a growing population eager for music of all kinds, yet is lacking the creative hub for music that can be found in many cities. As plans move forward to include a music presentation/creation venue in the vision for Northeast False Creek, VIM House is looking to engage the music community in a series of discussions exploring sustainable models and strategies for this future venue.

To Friends of the VIM:

We are more hopeful than ever of getting a long needed purpose built music hub for Vancouver!

The City of Vancouver`s plans for the Plaza of Nations include a music presentation centre of a minimum 20,000 sq. ft., adjacent to the civic centre, in a location that has ground floor presence and high traffic visibility, and meeting the City’s specifications and program requirements, including requirements for acoustic excellence, a venue for 225 attendees (flexible up to 325 people), an informal venue for 150 attendees standing (or 100 attendees sitting), and other service spaces to support the use of the venue. These plans appear to be based on seven years of research including dozens of interviews, focus groups and online polls of musicians, presenters, production staff, music educators and concert goers by the Vancouver Independent Music Centre Society, www.vimhouse.ca. The plans for the centre capture much of what the music community and audience members say they want and need.

If you want to support these plans for Vancouver`s first music hub, you may submit your comments by email to publichearing@vancouver.ca by Tuesday, July 10. All submitted comments will be distributed to Council and posted on the City’s website.

For more information on the public hearing process, go to http://rezoning.vancouver.ca/applications/750pacific/index.htm.

If you would like to see the letters already submitted, go to: https://council.vancouver.ca/20180710/phea20180710ag.htm

This should lead to more space for rehearsals, collaboration, performance, learning… to put music on the map for Vancouver!

Thanks for listening!

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