There is Only One Truth

There is only one truth in anything

Yet if people witnessed the same thing, the “thing” being in the centre of a circle, each is seeing the thing from different angles, light, time of day and any other variables

The thing is the truth

Each individual in the circle saw the same truth yet has their angle and version of it and when it doesn’t match the story of someone else in the same circle, the need to be right and be the champion of that truth becomes the issue

Not the actual truth anymore

Those who fight and kill know that their story is a lie because it is the one that benefits them. They make it their truth

Those who actually know this truth focus on the “thing”

The thing is the truth

Once that is known there is no need to yell it out or to fight for it. There is that confident comfort of knowing that truth and no necessity to argue about truth

Being persecuted for the truth is commonplace to this civilization. The price for truth is often death of the physical being, so many are encouraged to be silent in the face of a bold faced lies because we fear death

The spiritual energy carries longer and further than the physical form. Disconnected from the spiritual we are sheep to this chaos

The truth does free your mind and spirit because none happens without that deep core love

This isn’t news to anyone but I had to relay these words as I think there is a frequency that this spiritual truth operates on and my energy is to write. Mostly for myself as I sort out the chaos created to distract me

It distracts all of us

Find that one truth in all things


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