The Laneway of Reggae

Reggae Lane does not sit well with many within the Canadian, Jamaican, black community

I don’t like that

For whatever the reason, this spot is called Reggae Lane

The first roadway in the world named after reggae music

No matter where it is, its history, or even what it looks like currently, “reggae” light has been shone on it

I feel like we as a reggae community are missing an opportunity to elevate wherever “reggae” is called and taking it to the world stage

Reggae is bigger than Toronto, Canada

Reggae is bigger than me

Reggae is bigger than all of us

Some will tell you that JuLion’s interest in Reggae Lane is strictly fiscal and personal satisfaction and they would be right.  I believe that we should find a path through Reggae Lane to monetize among reggae practitioners

Monetize our culture

We are fully aware that none in the ‘mainstream’ will ever elevate reggae or even black culture for that matter in Canada.  They did it for a minute with MuchMusic then pulled up that rug.  We had / have no infrastructure of our own to continue earning from our talent/s

I believe Reggae Lane is that space

RasTafari and reggae music are creative cultures that historically finds their own path and creates opportunity for the village

We should be doing that here as well

Create from among ourselves

Reggae Lane was meant as tokenism by the culture we live in but it is no token of time gone as they see fit.  They do not define me

Given us a token does not ease the gentrification of Little Jamaica as they hoped that it would

We are no mascots to be paraded about yet never paid for our talent/s

Reggae Lane as a place or as a concept is the responsibility of the Canadian reggae culture

I believe that bringing an energy of RasTafari to the laneway will bless and wash away much of the negative stigma currently associated with it and calling the RasTafari energy will eventually elevate it to global love and prominence

On the 23rd July, 2020 I was hoping to bring us down to the laneway but the obstacles of time and fiscal resources have stalled that yet I wish to share this with you my reggae heads
Blessings to all,

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