The hoax of Original Sin ~ Elevate The Feminine

Cowardly men blame women for original sin

This is done so they can forever beat the shit out of their own women


And they have since trained generations and several races of people to abuse women, bringing more cowardly sons and scared daughters

The behavior continues because they rewrote literature called The Bible and say “God said”

“God said” justifies murder and abuse all over the globe.  Millions on millions have died because “God said”

God did not make all men cowards

If “man has dominion over all things” and chose this cowardly path, we are stuck with this madness and continued chaos

The “man” they speak of though, is supposed to be the white man because “they” have set themselves up as the evolutionary last piece of the puzzle so they own all races and species in their cowardly, twisted minds

They use the intimidation of murder to justify their actions.  They kill any and all who oppose their twisted views to attempt to maintain power over the weak of spirit and weak of mind

And this tactic works because they consistently kill and we are all afraid to die

We are stuck in the cowardly matrix “because God said”

It stands to reason that most of these priests and “holy” men are the most notorious sexual predators on the planet, raping young boys and the daughters and wives of their congregations all over the globe

The true “Original Sin” is cowardice

Or is it cowardly white men?

A debate for another time as there will be hurt feelings defending themselves while we continue to abuse and murder women

I don’t like the way “they” expect us to feel about women’s roles in men’s lives and the decision making process

They have made us feel that femininity as well as maternal instincts are weaknesses men / boys do not need, when in order to make a RATIONAL decision, both masculine and feminine must work in unison, in perfect balance so that fairness is achieved

The coward has changed the matrix to suit his narrative

Only the masculine thought seems to be the only path

For about 3,000 years they have been fucking up the planet with this divisive narrative

The weakness within all of us allows for the cowardice to continue

We need some intelligent, influential lions and lionesses working towards “balance” so that future generations have opportunity to live in a better space

While these “God said” cowards run this planet we will create even more cowards justifying heinous behavior

We need balance

We need to elevate our feminine spiritual energy in order for the masculine to work properly

For one gender to “dominate” {going with the whole dominion thing} leads to the obvious imbalance that we see on the planet today

First does not mean “boss”

We do not need to be bigger, stronger or better

The one “B” that we need to seek is balance

It is clear that we aren’t exactly surviving well under this current ~ hate, racism, sexism, genocide, corruption, slavery, rape, murder, economic implosion

We need a bigger dose of feminine spiritual energy

The maternal instinct.  That instinct of love and protection of our children and the planet that they live on together

We need our women to survive this hell that these cowards continue to put us all through

We all need to fight to bring the feminine closer to the centre of our psyches

Saying it is I first step

Putting it out to the universe


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