Sex is Spirituality


Art by Azerine De Luca www.azerinedeluca.com

Sex is a spiritual thing

I have degrees in nothing

By most standards, I know nothing

I just feel

I write from feel so it’s ok if you don’t feel what I feel

I have had a few conversations over the years and some of the things I know now, I would like / want to tell to my younger self

The issues surrounding sex biblically, morally and spiritually were not conversations I had at a younger stage in my / our lives

It has always been portrayed as a physical thing yet as I have matured, I have come to believe it as a spiritual thing.  It is why so many of us are confused in relationships, focused on the physical, when it is actually the soul that is communicating during sex

We have been raised for it to be a physical thing and it is the reason for all of our confusion and hurts over the years, seeking a situation that is unattainable because we are running a different race, ie; Analogy: most are preparing for a twenty six mile marathon by training for a one hundred metre sprint race

There will forever be disappointment in performance and satisfaction because of our mindset / s

Even in a casual encounter, sex is spiritual

One MUST connect spiritually with one’s spouse, partner, one night stand, if one is seeking any type of fulfillment {some seek different things that I don’t ovastand so I can’t speak on them}

I have been in relationships where our spiritual connections were focused on different paths

I was horny, she was horny and we did the thing

Then it got awkward

I needed to get my clothes on and leave

Our “like” for each other changed

Yes that has happened to me a ‘couple’ of times

I realized over the years, that I have never really thought of the spiritual connection because I was too busy thinking about the physical satisfaction that I was craving

I believed that the sex was the end and ultimate goal, so when we got done with that, I found that I had nothing

Time to leave

Feeling awkward

Must run

This also isn’t news

The Kama Sutra as well as other philosophies focus on the spiritual connected to the physical for that mind blowing sex many of us seem to crave yet one does not need to study the Kama Sutra to have fulfilling encounters with other humans

Many of us wonder where all of the good men got to or good women got to

Everyone is still here

We are preparing for the wrong race / s, with major confusion, led by advertising, movies, trends, clothing, social media and a million other distractions

All focused on the physical

Touch my soul

I wish someone told me this in my younger years

I like everyone else was led down the physical path

A sexual ly spiritual path leads to way less hurt because we touch deeper inside and find more honesty and truth

Less ego

Less need for ownership

You ever notice that some relationships end in hate while on the other hand one can have amicable relationships with some of your other exes?

There is no blame to either party

Their spiritual paths were never aligned

Even deeply in love, the spiritual connect may be totally awry, so when the relationship goes south, there is no connect, and is then replaced with anger and resentment

Yin and Yang

Masculine and Feminine in both

Spiritual energies

This my truth as I feel it

I have no doctorate in anything so read this with your own sense of skepticism or relate to it or not

I have had this conversation with a few folks and so it created another piece for the blog

It may be a solution or maybe just the beginning of a conversation and a sharing of opinions… or not

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