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The only “right” we need to tell our children is the that it does not need the consent of any other human

No man can give any man rights

Stop asking for them


Intelligent words mean nothing to the colonizer coward… stop talking to them

Yes they control the global marketplace in every and all aspects, so we do feel like we must ask permission to live.  That’s what it feels like to many; black and white

The human spirit is a universal gift.  It is not man made so it does not need permission from any human


Abuse is used to maintain order

They call it “the law”

The law has nothing to do with neither honesty nor integrity.  It is a construct of those who need the human race to be weak and dependent, easily distracted and compliant

We are compliant

We are afraid

“Everyone wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die”

We are weak and hypocritical

We blame each other for getting this all wrong and argue for others to follow what we believe to be a truth.  We abuse and insult each other, each walking away exasperated that “everyone else is so blind”

We are all blind

We are all abusive

We are all scared


It truly brings out our worst energies and traits

Your “right” is to complete your task

Your task of living your best life

If misery makes you happy, be miserable.  That is your task

My right is life

It does include the daily abuses in the news, governments, laws, officials, ceo’s, presidents… laws

A butterfly flits by and does not know or adhere to any man made laws

“Be like water my friend”

The suffering is hard to know about and to not have it affect our very souls yet we must live to our fullest, encouraging others to do the same


Such a confusing topic for me, as being a part of the herd of sheep, I am as brainwashed as the rest, indoctrinated into our court/s of law which are set up to degrade humans

Yet we trust the court system?

We have no need to fight for rights

We need to focus on “murder by law”

“Buck busting”

This was the practice of the colonizer plantation owner of sodomising male slaves while the other slaves were gathered to witness which had the desired effect of scaring those gathered

Control through abuse

Breanna Taylor

George Floyd

Lester Donaldson

Murder by law

Modern day buck busting


As a black person, you may know what ALL of “your rights” are but the trick is to get the colonizer to give a fuck about them, which they never have and never will



While we “fight for our rights” we fall for the deception for no man owns any man’s rights

Freedom is personal

We must individually choose freedom

It cannot be given or taken away as it is a deeply spiritual energy within all humans

Your spiritual upliftment is obviously personal.  We let in the energies that we choose to dwell on; positive and negative

Living free is difficult to explain because I don’t know if any in this generation ovastands if we are actually free

It is obvious to many that we are far from free… physically as well as spiritually yet the only freedom is within the spirit that we all have the ability to affect

Whatever the external / physical distractions, we choose at times how to deal with each event

A free spirit chooses a path to peace and serenity

An enslaved spirit knows only abuse

See and speak the truth to self

Not your or any other perception

The truth

Speak truth to self

Freedom lies within this truth


You have a right to be free to connect with the universe as only you can

Your rights are you

Preserve self

Self love shines out to the community and builds more love

Rights are our distraction

No need to fight for a thing that cannot be taken by any man

Again, I write from feel

Norman Otis Richmond Interviewed by Chaka V. Grier, October 2, 2020 – 7 PM

Norman Otis Richmond is Toronto’s Black music historian emeritus

With more than 50 years in, around and beyond the music business, his work has explored art, politics and everything in between. Host of “Diasporic Music” (once on CKLN-FM, now online) and co-founder of the Toronto chapter of the Black Music Association he is expert in the many cross-currents of Black musical manifestations from jazz to traditional African to soul and much more

This event picks up where our summer “Music Gallery at Home” Interviews left off and features journalist Chaka V. Grier (NOW Magazine, Musicworks) diving deep with Otis to relate old and new stories about a continuum which only grows stronger with each passing year.

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