ReggaeXclusive Article for March 2019

Your God tied us with chains
Our God comfort us in pain
Your God held us as slaves
Our God broke the chains
Now war of brains

~ Words by Lenn Hammond

I was grateful to read those words this very morning

A simple glance at worldwide circumstances confirms the abuses of “colonialism” destroying the human spirit which was pushed through their God

Those abuses continue today as is boldly evident in the US, everyday in the news

This is no mystery

Burning of Nike products because a black athlete pointed clearly to police brutality

They made it about a flag, an anthem and patriotism

Just avoid the topic at hand

Police brutality
“Our God comfort us in pain”

I can’t speak for Lenn on this one yet my personal story is that Haile Selassie I, released the mental and spiritual chains on millions globally

It could mean that atheist, Allah, Buddha, Christian, spiritualists, agnostics or sun worshipers recognized that using the Lord’s name while you commit crimes is devious and deceitful, hence we can’t use the God that you killing us with

Our God cyaa work wid yours
“Your God held us as slaves”


We still doing a slave thing today

It still a gwaan with everyone, especially the “woke” one dem

Calm down

If you so “woke” you know what to do

Talking and screaming at the top of your voice who is to blame or racism or political correctness or AI {Artificial Intelligence}, veganism, voting, government cutting student loans, expensive real estate Toronto are all distractions and while you get upset by any or all and more, we can go on a march or hold hands or peace protest something else but the truth is, “woke” ones are either doing it or they are not

They are not speaking about it

They are doing it

Changing it

“Our God broke the chains”


“Now war of brains”

“War” implies violence so that excites them

They are adept at violence

Best distraction ever


Keep the abused scared

It is how they “win” every time

They still trying to scare educated humans that The Black Panther, Move, Watts, The Congo, blah, blah blah

The “brains” is the movement{s} needed for upliftment of the human family

It forces you to think for yourself

That is where we challenge our own lies

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