ReggaeXclusive Article December 2017

Thank you Donna Makeda and Prince Everald for this ability to reason with our people.  The outlet of Reggae Xclusive is far more important than your supporters as well as your critics may believe

There are very limited outlets for black media and black expression here in this colonially driven country that many of us now call home

Black media is nonexistent globally

We complain about CNN and Fox News in the US for their completely biased reporting especially anything in Africa and the Arab world.  Any news from them places do not depict the truth and we all know it, yet there are no black media programs debating the validity or actual truth behind what is being reported

Global, CityTV or CBC is zero difference to me as they are all news sources driven by white media with no black media source to refute the validity what is being reported

There is virtually zero black media except within those countries and even then the news is manipulated by european colonial forces i.e. white governments

So ReggaeXclusive is a place for a voice like my own

My path is driven through centuries of slavery and decades of time on this planet viewed though my reggae lenses

Big topic yah now is the slave trade in Libya created by the interference by the US removing Muammar Gaddaffi  as a leader in Africa who realized that Africa was where the real power was and was about to force the broke USA to pay for their oil in gold

Gaddaffi is now dead and black Libyans are being sold for as little as $200.00

We all liked to tell us that “slavery could never happen again in this time” which is totally idiotic as the people who run this are white nations…globally

In Dubai as they were building stadiums and cities for the Olympic Games, the slave trade was alive and well and probably nothing has changed but neither of these would be reported in white media

None of this information is news to anyone yet it isn’t spoken of or discussed in white man media

We who reside in Canada were expected to celebrate Canada 150 along with or colonial masters.   In 1867 white people figured that they had murdered enough native people, taken ALL of their lands, created The Indian Act to systematically murder these people and create irreparable psychological damage by ripping children away from their parents and abusing them in “Indian Schools”

The colonial masters spent $500 MILLION dollars on Canada 150 celebrations which included a BIG, yellow ducky to sail on Lake Ontario

Over 100 communities across Canada do not have fresh running water yet they spent $500 million to celebrate themselves

RADA ~ RasTafari Against Domestic Abuse is a path that I man will focus on more in 2018.  Domestic abuse within black homes and within our communities is pretty rampant.  Many of our woman, sisters, mothers, wives, husbands, cousins suffer from domestic abuse…silently

No one speaks on it as most of the victims as well as the children are too embarrassed to speak up

If a man is beating a woman two and three times per week and uttering abusive verbiage towards his wife / woman, a physically smaller person, the act of that is cowardly as far as I man sees it.  There is zero chance that the children looking on have any pride in watching father belittling their mother before them

I am now aware that the behavior is cyclical coming as far back as grandparents abusing grandparents yet at some point each man is responsible for himself and his behavior

I find the behavior cowardly

At some point we have to stop advising women on how to spot the abuse and how to stay away from it and how to deal with it and how to get out of it by seeking help

At some point wi fe chat to some of de coward man dem to STOP the abuse

Speak to the children

Start there

RFL ~ Reggae For Life

RasTafari and Reggae are natural truth sayers.  The function of these two powerful entities is the combat the evils of colonialism

Don’t get mad when “they” deliberately block reggae.  They shut down celebrations in the country of Jamaica by shutting down parties in what they consider to be the ghettos so poor people cannot eat and antagonize them further to do heinous shit

This abuse is deliberate

They (the Jamaican governments) have NEVER treated reggae as a viable business, employing people and developing future business, constructed vinyl pressing plants and creating more and more reggae work.  They have NEVER developed reggae for Jamaicans

This is deliberate by the government of the country

RFL is the brand that we have created here where t-shirts are on sale by custom order, delivered directly to the purchaser’s home / s

I n I goal if successful with sales is to reinvest within the community and uplift the talent that is RICH within our culture

If you are interested in aiding this growth, please purchase your unit and pass on the information to other conscious minds and souls

Blessings to ReggaeXclusive


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