Reggae Value

Reggae a Toronto / Canada as I see it

Everybody want freeness

The fans, the artists, the promoters… all want reggae for free

Fans don’t want to pay cover

Artists want free promotion

Promoters want artists to perform for little and nothing and don’t want to shell out for promotion

I get it

The die has been cast

Reggae is a less valued commodity in the eyes of the community that buys it

It is so because we practitioners have no respect for the true value of the music, the art and the culture

We have accepted the limited value babylon puts on reggae

There is an old adage that poor people don’t know how to ask for money {in my case it has been true for a long time}

But now, not so much

I love reggae and reggae culture… obviously

I try my best to pay those that work for me and I won’t work for free for those stuck in an archaic culture of expecting freeness

We should actually create commerce among ourselves

1.  If I have a show, there is no guest list.  Every artist MUST put something in the pot.  When I come to your shows, I pay cover, even when I am on the guest list

2.  All artists and ‘friends’ must pay cover at ALL artist’s shows


Support your artist friend’s talent and pay them for said talent

3.  There is a pricing guide on CRW.  Don’t send me a flyer without payment

CRW receives 300 – 600 hits per day on average

You decide if that works for your event

4.  Think consciously of how to raise the fiscal rewards to those within our own communities

Those thoughts will lead you to purchase the talent that you came to see / listen to

For too long freeness a run tings

Not I

I n I am not reliving slave mentality

I respect the value of the talent and the culture around me and will charge or pay accordingly

I n I know the value of what reggae provides

I implore conscious fans to protect the integrity of the art



Pricing 2019

$25.00 to post flyer for the week… $100.00 for the month {2,3,4,5 week months}

Etransfer, PayPal…  Payment confirmed prior to posting
Etransfers:  canadianreggaeworld@gmail.com
PayPal:  reggaelaneking@gmail.com

All contributions go toward the continued movement of reggae music as a positive force for our human family

For use of social media package $200.00 – $300.00 / month

Zero advertising without payment in advance / prior to posting

Flyers with scantily clad women are discouraged

“The strongest foundation of our independence is the development of Our economic resources” H.I.M. Haile Selassie I

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