Reggae Newsletter ~ AUgust 2018

Welcome to the first joint effort newsletter between CRW and Toronto Reggae

We are both fans of reggae music and started our websites to cater to many parts of the love we have for the music

Being involved in the scene for a combined 70 years of dancing at parties, singing off key to favorite tracks, playing / spinning music, managing artists and indie record labels, radio host, promoting reggae music and shows and the numbers of other reggae hats we wore / still wear, we will bring attention to many parts of reggae culture, locally, nationally as well as outernationally

Nostalgia as well as current artists, songs, events and happenings are things that we bring to the audience

The RasTafari Lion whose passing rumbled through the spiritual, musical waves of musicians from all genre across Canada and possibly globally

Gordie Johnson, lead singer of Big Sugar said at Garry’s funeral, as I paraphrase, “Garry Lowe does not play rock, blues or reggae.   He plays Garry Lowe.”  An accurate assessment of a unique, original, gifted man that Garry is.  He truly blazed a spiritual path of RasTafari for any and everyone to follow as his influence on Big Sugar moved more and more to a RasTafari energy

Raffa, Bernie and Garry…. Those three together were / are reggae magic

We have lost Raffa first and now Garry so all of you out there with recordings of bass lines and drum patterns from both these brothers, make sure your children get to hear them even if the rest of the world does not

We should do a Bernie Pitters celebration while he’s here

​There is a tribute to Garry in the planning stages from what I have heard.  Let you know when I know

​Chronixx Review Toronto

Reggae is happening in Toronto everywhere

Chronixx at Nathan Phillips Square is proof of the strength of roots, RasTafari energy that reggae generates to the massive globally based on the numbers that showed up for the event

This conscious frequency flows through spiritually to nuff Canadians and the bond is beautiful to share

Chronixx lit up Toronto in a way I believe no other artist of any genre today can

The reggae energy is undeniable

​We just need a path for our own artists and musicians in Canada to earn from their talents as well.  Wherever the dollars come from for Manifesto to afford a massive free concert like that, we can be tapping into that for those who perform here

We need to get past the ingrained racist mindset of those who currently run the music industry in Canada and create a system to take care of our artists.  Grow our reggae vibes from clash, to dancehall, to roots reggae to live performances.  The wrong set of people are there deliberately stifling opportunities to earn from our knowledge and expertise

We must get past them

We must forge a path of our own

If we cannot procure their fiscal musical support, we certainly need some kind of cohesive work among ourselves to earn this for our genre and I have been advocating that for a few years now

We all know, or know of each other and love reggae music

Reggae and RasTafari were never made for government control

Email I man with ideas to elevate reggae inna Toronto and Canada which does not include government grants or support  ~

Dutty Rockas coming soon

The Jamaican version to Dirty Dancing starring the late Patrick Swayze, wi a bring Dutty Rockas once again… starring you

To get a feel of how this goes, here is a mix for your listening pleasure



This newsletter sponsored by The Abbot, one of Toronto’s coolest coffee bars, located in Parkdale {King & Dufferin closest intersection}

99 Spencer Ave

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