Reggae Love

Because we can’t always consciously connect the dots to situations in life we argue about whether coincidence is actually truth or a myth

We all hear “there are no coincidences”

What does that actually mean?

Logically one must believe then all things are meant to be

So why pray about the inevitable?

Why pray at all?

What is the power of prayer?

We are all spiritually connected.  That is something we all feel yet we are unable to explain.  There is a spiritual realm where most think those who walk there are either crazy or afraid of facing the reality that “there is no God”

Who cares how one reaches spiritual strength and love as long as that is the path that they seek.  One where the ultimate goal is true love

Now don’t go asking me to define “love”

Defining a spiritual entity is a useless thing but if one ovastands love one lives it.  One shares that loving energy to others

Love isn’t explained, it is lived

By living it we actually also teach it, not by words but by actions

Reggae music enhances this livity for I self as well as millions of others around the globe.  This reggae frequency is conduit of spiritual love

This path was created through Africa, the degradation of slavery, the right for joyous celebration to alleviate great pain, truth, equal rights and justice, respect, honor and love, always seeking a path to the truth

Reggae music has a feel, vibe and energy that so many relate to even from totally separate cultures

We have a defiant reggae community, roots reggae, clash and dub culture

It continues to push even with the many obstacles we all face

We are all still here

Sending nuff love out to all of I reggae soldiers inna Canada from nineteen how long, still playing records, still singing, still dancing, still playing that axe, kit for donkey’s years

We get a fight because we are reggae.  We are supposed to

Just keep working.  The reggae soldier has no choice


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