Reggae Love # 1 ~ Toronto Reggae

Reggae Love

In discussion with Jason MacLean of Toronto Reggae, we have decided to do a weekly “Reggae Love” to something, someone, an incident, an artist, a producer, a musician that impacts reggae music positively

Topics can range from RasTafari, Bob, Exco, Jackie Mittoo, Koffee, Jamaica elections, politricks, human rights, love, Africa, Black Panther Movement, more love, interviews, events, domestic abuse, elevation of the village and a HOST of topics… some very famous and some not so famous.  Yet we do hope to maintain some loving, truthful, respectful dialogue, even with the discussion of difficult topics

I find myself getting upset at Billboard Music Awards or the Grammys, two exceedingly well respected institutions in world music culture and I find myself neither acknowledging them or caring about their opinions as it pertains to reggae music

They are not my experts

They do not govern anything about reggae because dem do not know I culture

Big props to Charlamgane tha God for his “Donkey of The Week” or going further back to Chuck Berry and “The Gong Show” except, we will attempt to show appreciation and love to something or someone inspiring to reggae music

This week I start with Jason McLean / Toronto Reggae and his dedication to this genre

Jason is a true reggae soldier who inspires me daily for all of his thankless posts and support of the genre


Every day

For over five years now, he has dedicated his time to broadcasting the genre to Canadians as well as the a worldwide reggae audience

As a man running Canadian Reggae World for nearly twenty years I have a great insight to what Jason does daily on all social media and the tidbits of information he adds in like birthday trivia and past reggae event flyers / posters and photographs

Posting events weekly, keeping his site updated all by this army of one

Running a reggae record label

Selling reggae merchandise ~ Toronto Reggae t-shirts for men and women, which is an expense from his own pocket while he sells a few, then sits on inventory for months

Buy a shirt

Buy a tee and donate to his reggae work daily

Buy a shirt and spread the name of a Canadian reggae soldier globally because Toronto, Canada is rated like that.  Wear it on vacation please!

Yet nothing deters his determination to grow Toronto / Canadian reggae

Jason does this on his own time.  On his own dime and will do this because of his love for reggae music.  It is the thing that made me a fan of his

Jason McLean loves reggae music

That’s all I really need to see in any reggae soldier

Reggae Love

Because of him and his work, reggae as a genre in Toronto has elevated.  He and Toronto Reggae have increased the voice of the reggae community in ways that folks are starting to take notice

No one paid him to do most of his work

He just does it

Doing similar work for CRW for nearly two decades I can fully relate to what he does and he has made me into a bigger fan of his

His work elevates my work

Bless up Selecta JaMac

I n I sending out a * * * * * (5 star) Reggae Love to my brother Jason McLean & Toronto Reggae

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