Reggae Lane ~ MuraL Unveiling Saturday 19th September 2015 ~ Canadian Reggae Hall Of Fame Presentations ~ The Sattalites

Reggae Lane song co-written by Jay Douglas and Bernie Pitters, both Canadian Reggae Hall of Fame 2015 inductees.

I asked Jay Douglas for a piece of history as well as his motivation behind the Reggae Lane tune.  This is what he said:

As an artist  coming from yard through the guiding light of Jah,who gave me the gift of music
to deliver his message,and the message is love.So i big up Vere Johns opportunity hour,
Tony Cobb pick a star.  Let’s not forget the foundation Artists such as Blues Busters,Alton & Eddie,Higgs and Wilson, Bob Marley& the Wailers,Del Roy Wilson,Derrick Harriot,Denis Brown,Mighty Diamonds,Freddie Mc Greggor & Jackie Mittoo and many more.

I brought my Reggae foundation to Toronto  Canada,just keep on growing till me reach Christie st. Oakwood,Glenholme ave, Vaughan rd.,Lauder ave,St Claire Ave,Ashbury ave, and Eglington ave. Those of us who came here many years a go,can apreaciate the distant memories  of the roots and culture every where in Eglinton & Oakwood,Marlee ave to the east of oakwood.Dufferin to the west of oakwood.Reggae lane south of Eglington off oakwood,gave us so much legacy to share with our grand children.I wrote a song called Reggae Lane,in collaboration with Bernie Pitters and Everton Pablo Paul of Side door studio.We would like to share this song with all Brothers and Sisters  through out the universe,It’s about our history, and when we speak about the past,we must speak in truth.

“It’s a soul trek in a Reggae Lane,no fight  naa bruk in a Reggae Lane.”

Please enjoy Reggae Lane.Big shout out to Bro Julion,Josh and and the rest of the Crew.

Much Blessings.


Stage and sound donated by Sunshine Sound

Warren Webley the Great Sunshine, and icon to the dance party scene (first jam I went to in 1976 was an event at L’amareaux with Papa Sunshine doing his thing), has graciously donated the equipment for this week’s coming celebration.  Sunshine has been and continues to be a leader within the reggae and Eglinton community.  Shy from the limelight, Shine is one of the true heroes of reggae music in this country.

Reggae Lane product for sale on the the day.  End of summer stock still available on the day of the event ~ Buy Reggae Lane, support Reggae Canada.
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