Reggae Is A Blessing

So grateful to have been born in the country that created four distinctive forms of music!  Mento, Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae!  FOUR distinctive styles of music that have stood the test of time and though Reggae music is the most popular of the four, all are still played and fulljoyed by fans the world over.  We need to pass that pertinent piece of information to our children so that we are able to continue that level of creativity.  With no apology!

​What is it about Jamaica, Ras Tafari and Reggae music?  What is the connection to the people?  All of the people!  Japan, China, Brazil, Africa, Europe, Australia & New Zeland, The US & Canada all have pockets, provinces, states, towns and cities that jam reggae music daily!  This is not news to anyone worldwide.
I believe that it is the “root” of the music.  I believe that it is in the clarity of the drum and the bass.  Something about those two instruments can rock the joint.  Then we produce a great keyboardist like the late, legendary, jazz master Jackie Mitto who did things on a keyboard that further elevated the music right from the Ska era right through to Rocksteady and Reggae, leaving a legacy for so many others to follow.

​There is also the “truth” of the music!  Marley, Tosh, Silk, Spear, Joseph Hill, Buju brought certain truths to the world that are totally undeniable.  Buju said, “Only RasTa can lead the people over hills and valley too…”  and RasTafari circles the world from continent to continent and is still growing.  Spear and Joseph spoke of Columbus as a rapist and liar thirty and forty years ago and now Americans are ‘suggesting’ that Columbus Day should be abolished.  You think?

Peace & Love

What does that really mean?  We hear it in so much of the music in reggae and other genre as well.  Same message, day in day out, year in year out!  The “message” isn’t getting to the right people?  Could it be that the message is wrong?  Is peace and love a pipe dream for some of us sheep who keep praying for a better day?  “Betta mus’ come” attitude that many focus on in times of strife, believing that the sun will always come out?!  Peter believed that that concept was a pile of crap anyway.  “Equal Rights and Justice” was his message!  A far more practical message since we are aware that from our biblical teachings that Cain killed Abel (his own brother, Adam and Eve’s sons) that neither peace nor love was ever in store for this life form from the get go.  It is an impossible concept for humanity.  That’s what I took from that parable anyway which some may consider as a cynical approach yet I say for the 2016 or so years since that time, we have found numerous ways to hate and to war.  “Proof in the pudding”!  Without the biblical references the results are still the exact same.

Equal Rights & Justice ~ Peter Tosh

Seems to be probably the more impossible option of the two because it puts the onus on individuals to exact equal rights and justice to each and every individual that we meet…all 8 billion of us!  Each person is accountable for him or herself.  You hate or love because YOU choose those options and not led like moronic sheep to hate and fear one race or one religion or a specific skin color.  Yet I know that this does not suit the systemic agenda but it is the path that I personally choose to follow.  Every life deserves the same respect as the next life which includes plant life, animals, insects or humans.  Not one of those is above any other and humanity should dictate that.  That should be our message.

The gentrification of black culture and black life is a constant in all caucasian societies.  Just a mere forty to fifty years ago, black artists could not enter the front doors of establishments and their musical albums had white people on the cover just to sell the popular songs.  The really popular ones were covered by the likes of Pat Boone so that Little Richard’s and Chuck Berry’s tunes could receive more airplay… I guess or a ploy to steal their royalties more likely?  In the early to mid-seventies in Toronto, we could only go to hear R&B, Reggae and soul music on Sundays because those tunes were not played in white clubs and many of us were not even comfortable in those environments.  They became so popular, it broke the “color barrier” because white folks started coming out on Sundays to hear real ‘soul’ music.  Right here in the good old Tdot!

Joss Stone is a wonderful artist and person I’m sure yet she aint no reggae artist of ANY year, no matter which biased, racist publication named her as such or invented the criteria based on “sales” as to why she was chosen.  What these chumps don’t tell you is that they do not count or recognize or promote any other reggae from any other place, so that they can get the results that they wish and put a white face beside reggae music.  The eternal ‘subliminal’ message of ‘whiteyfying’ another aspect of black culture that we have all seen SEVERAL times before, decade after decade!

The success of the music is in the spirit of the people!  In the spirituality of the music!  They will try and try yet they will never gentrify a music that glorifies a God.  No, I’m not stuffing religion down anyone’s throat, I am clearly stating that reggae music is a spiritual music and those with no soul, will never be able to feel it and deliver it.  They will forever try but they will never rule reggae music.  Memba dat!

Stand fast, be bold, be proud and allow the vibe and the spirit to flow.



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