Reggae For Life @ The Boxing Loft

In anticipation of the year to come I would like to thank each and every person  who has offered their support in my efforts to create a stronger more sustainable community using reggae to give back to the same people in their time of need. If I look at how far that we have come from that first planted seed of hope back in 2010, Haiti was hit with an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 Reggae for life mobilized to serve our community.  We gathered our children and family and friends, invited the community to join us at The Opera House for a concert, and with support from like minded people we were able to pay it forward and help to rebuild homes, schools and provide food and clothes to those who were in need. Without loving people who continuously lend a hand we would not have been able to achieve that. 
Looking forward we created the Lion’s Den.  Again we operated a team of people who were happy to help, for five years. You all came with your non perishable food items and every Monday night for five years we were able to give our donations to the daily bread and food bank. 
When I heard Davey’s story it got me thinking about his family and the need for community support.  We had to do all that we could in the hopes to find a match.  At that time we learned of millions of people whose lives could be saved if we just raised the awareness and encourage people to try to help.  Special cudos to G98.7FM’s, Fitzroy Gordon, who personally took on the charge to dedicate a part of his show to creating that awareness to the community.  We set up stations and swabbed the cheeks of every person who was willing to take a chance in the race to save Davey’s life. Sadly Davey passed on but we may have captured a swab that night that will one day be a match and save some else’s life. 
These are just parts of the bigger picture.  RFL is a mission to bring us together to create a community who joins forces to help one another where possible.  RFL offers a voice to families that have suffered from domestic violence, #RADA ~ RasTafari Against Domestic Abuse ~ and for the past year or so since the passing of Nanny Mystik, we have offered our voices to this cause as well as to find organizations like Dr. Roz’s Place and others to help struggling women and children
RFL is about individuals choosing to aid their own communities as opposed to being an organization collecting donations to make their CEO’s richer
Purchasing RFL t-shirts aids us to continue our work for our community as well as to elevate reggae music to a place where it is supposed to be.  That place is a spiritual place.  Of being a part of the solution in elevating self, the community as well as the genre
As this winter season is upon us, I ask my RFL soldiers to walk with a scarf, pair of gloves or mittens, a touque, a pair of socks to our next event

Other RFL sanctioned and approved event / s include Fujahtive & The Sattalies @ The Horseshoe Tavern, 3rd February, 2018

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