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Reggae For Life ~ Sold OnlineĀ 

Reggae For Life was a campaign that I started probably over two decades ago.  I did recognize that there is / was nowhere to turn to get support or aid for reggae music in Canada.  It is / was my thought that there were enough reggae fans of all types who loved the music as much as I do that would support a program as a fiscal feeder system to develop a Canadian contribution to the genre worldwide.

There are MANY shows, artists, performers, producers, studios, musicians, publishers, internet radio shows as an infrastructure is being created by us Canadian natives.  Yet homegrown reggae music has no presence on Canadian radio and many of the Canadian practitioners of reggae music have no way for earning royalties from commercial airplay and there isn’t enough of international radio support for the vast majority.

Money can only be earned through performing at concerts or studio work making dubs.
Enter RFL!  I started out with tank tops and wristbands back in the day and today in 2106 I have knapsacks.  Very attractive knapsacks I might add.

The purchase of the product /s goes DIRECTLY to the upliftment of reggae music through performances, contests as well as promotionally.

The bags (knapsacks) are $20.00 and add $5.00 for shipping and handling in Ontario.  Yes I am willing to ship across Canada yet we’d have to work out the shipping rates prior to sending.  Etransfers can be sent to canadianreggaeworld@gmail.com.  So as much as I’d like to see everyone, I can’t so we can all work with snail mail.

Other product lines we work with include Reggae Lane, 876ers and 420ers can be seen below for sale on www.reggaelane.org for purchase.  We believe merchandising as the key to generating one’s own capital. We put the work into what we do and the results will be shown as we grow fiscally.

We ask for the support of all you reggae heads out there and to request that you pass it on to others interested in reggae growth Canada.

​Most importantly, I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to those who have purchased CRW product and continue to support our growth.  Jah blessings to all of you.

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