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​”Reggae For Life ~ The 13 Chapters

I was indoctrinated into reggae music being born Jamaican.  Yet not every Jamaican loves reggae like I do, yet a LARGE portion of us view this not as a genre but a life and a lifestyle.  The “life” of reggae is an everyday movement, from the way we walk, the rhythm of said walk, the way we talk, RasTafari (for me and some not for everyone), self expression, the intellectual capacity of the lyrical content in the music,  and an affinity to speak plainly the truths that we see to educate a worldwide populous.

As a youth walking the streets of Kingston, playing ball all over the city, one cannot get to any community or ball park where tunes aren’t thumping from speakers hooked up in all kinds of ways, from ‘borrowed electricity, to a truck battery hook up or a generator, to blaze the music across the park or in a dance.  Ball and reggae for me was one thing (still is to this day).  Back then being a baller gave you as much ratings as a top artist.   I liked the way elders and peers would view me as a youth when I came to the park.  It was an honor to strive for.

The ability of the colonial ideologies that block the earning power of the practitioners of reggae from earning the way other genre’s artists may earn is the path that I am searching to find answers for.  “They” tell us who to revere and who to like and who the best reggae artist” is based on some horse shit criteria that they invent.  Nah sah, dem do not set I standards for I man!

Being a reggae soldier is a life.  It is a calling.  It is a life responsibility that guides my path.  I have felt the ‘power’ of reggae as it strengthens me and many around this planet.  Even with the tyranny, through the music, all music, there are those tiny pockets of relief or solace we find in the ‘escapism of sound’.  Reggae music is a touch of country and western, jazz, classical, the blues, rock and roll.  Reggae shines through to so many different races, forming that common link of the spirit without forcing rules and laws to govern except for love, truth and honor.  Sure, as humans we fall well short of many of those ideals yet they are positive reassurances every time you hear those tunes…

Chapter 1…”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I will be interviewing several of my fans, friends, peers, public officials shedding light on the challenges that reggae music faces globally with the greatest focus here in Toronto, Canada.

This will be what I hope to be my first in a series of stories / films in the years to come as I learn to tell my own story and not have it handed to me by some babylonian as has been my  his-story.
Within that vein, I will be seeking funding opportunities, for which some of you know, CRW has produced our own branding and product lines.  Reggae Lane and 876ers lines can be purchased online at www.reggaelane.org

​Some of my supporters who keep me going fiscally as well as spiritually.

Reggae For Life (RFL) knapsacks can be purchased directly through etransfer at canadianreggaeworld@gmail.com.  Any donations are greatly appreciloved as well.

I am not asking for handouts!  I am going to put in the work to achieve my goal / s as I always do and by buying the merchandise and wearing it proudly gives it a further sense of purpose and significance.

Without any great knowledge, film budgets are pretty astronomical yet whatever I earn will make this film insightful to the best of my abilities and a hope that it will improve better understanding of the challenges that the genre faces.

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