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Reggae Canada from JuLion’s sights

Time fe blas’ out to rass!

Reggae Canada from JuLion’s sights

Grateful to have so many experiences in the growth of reggae music inna Canada.

So I ask people to pay me for my work, BECAUSE THEY TOOK THE TIME TO CALL OR MESSAGE ME, and everyone basically say “there is no budget” because I am expected to do it for free.

My own fault.  I used to have a fulltime job paying my bills for many years.  I posted photos, videos, writings about reggae music and events, promoted other’s events for FREE and went on with my day.  “Cho, a nuh nutten, I am elevating reggae” is what I kept telling myself.  Countless clubs, nights, events later an’ mi still deh yah.  Still grinding and loving this.  Nah stop.

Dat a de problem.  People know seh I will never stop so “why bother paying?  He did it free in the past.  He does it free for everyone”
Well dem seh slavery gone out long time but that is very inaccurate in this lil reggae scene.  Nuff ones and ones only want I man work for free.


I man have children.

I must teach them to ovastand their own self worth and to charge accordingly.  I have spent many years creating relationships, contacts, connections, friends, artists, musicians, and producers, hundreds of phone calls, inboxes, emails, and private messages and now know that it must be worth something if a you people a call or contact?

The dilemma is going from free to charging a suitable fee for this necessary work.

Well, it has been a case by case situation.  I am now refusing to work for anyone for free.  What I do for you must be worth a quarter, or a loonie or $2.00 or $2,000?  Something?

Yeah, I am showing my side of the fence just as everyone else has a story of their own expenses, problems and dilemmas.
Being also honest about the situation some believe the work is valuable but not enough to pay for it.

Aight, stop call mi!

My time about the industry though any interaction is MY TIME.  Stop all of the texts, conversations and voice mails.  Idren actually asked I man to explain why I was worth the money I quoted.  He get work for free already and expected more freeness.

Sorry mi bredda, I man nuh fah de free ting!  Dem days done?  If you question the ability of guarantying that your dance will ram up if I promote it, I apprecilove that.  I may not be the most effective source.  Just don’t call me when you have an upcoming show!

“there is no budget” means you must either do your own promo or get your friends involved in the promo works.  There is nothing wrong with that.  That is how I started out because we could not afford mainstream media.  That was too far out of my league.

In consideration that my promotions are limited in their reach, I – CRW – have joined forces with www.torontoreggae.ca as well as www.rootzreggaeradio.ca to bring a greater concentration of voices towards reggae music in Toronto and hopefully many other spots in Canada.  Each day we grow and reach more reggae heads.

This mentality of “freeness” is part and parcel of the failure of the growth of reggae music here in Canada.  We seem to not have value for other people’s contributions, songs, work, studio-time and expect “freeness” from all around us. 

Reggae is truth music.  Lyrically, musically, spiritually forces the truth out of the true reggae head.  I’m blaming no one artist or promoter or anyone else.  I just focus on reggae music.

Reggae music takes the world by storm because it “grabs” you.  It does not matter who you are.  It is global.  It is ALL cultures.
Reggae does not compromise.

Reggae soldiers have no path but to treat the music, the people and the culture with respect.

I n I will treat I n I with respect.

If you do not respect me or my work, I am VERY cool with that but please stop calling.  I man take you and your work seriously.  If it is not reciprocated please do not call / text / email / inbox / private message etc…

Reggae demands the best of us 

ALL of its soldiers


All of the time

We have a GREAT opportunity to elevate ourselves through the currency of reggae.  This is the path I am pursuing at this point.  Giving fiscal value to things pays some bills on this hamster wheel that we are all a part of within this babylonian construct.  Reggae has always had a hard time “earning” it’s just due as a professional path.  I see that as a necessary path to get involved with, monetizing this spiritual entity not for the money but more for its continued protection, bringing that positive spiritual force that reggae does.

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