R Kelly Benefits From Original Sin

Hurt my heart to see a quote, “because it is black girls, no one cares”

Surviving R Kelly

A talented pedofile

The statement is true

Black girls / women believe this as a truth

It is true

The abuse to black women is real

It is also true for lots of girls… children

Some are having a difficult time separating the musical genius from the sick individual 

There are women today defending R Kelly, saying, “he’s just a freak… my kind of freak”

Our system of abuse towards women have women defending abusers

I liked NUFF of his tunes too and if they come on at a jam I’m at, before I catch myself, I start dancing

That is also a spiritually entity 


Hence the conflict with the morality for some

I Believe I Can Fly, for me is one of the greatest songs of hope in the history of song.  How can one not love the author?

I did

R Kelly is proven sexual predator of underaged girls

Yet the spotlight has been on him for a while and nothing has changed

EVERYONE heard, saw, gossiped, rumors of his exploits with teenage girls for years yet he sold millions of records on hundreds charts

Predation is rampant in black and white homes


Don’t get caught up in media hype about a high profile sexual predator and lose sight of the predators sitting next to our children at all family gatherings 

No one cares if it is any girl

Men don’t care

It’s a man’s world

Some fulljoy the power the construct gives us so we turn our heads when it happens to our daughters and sisters

We will maintain this masculine power at all costs

I have written about this in the past yet I will do so once again

Some of these bible toting clowns blame Eve {women} of original sin saying that Eve being tempted to sin was the easier target hence she is weaker, so she must be dominated for her own good


Bible cowards 

When you all go to church next Sunday, ask the pastor boy why Adam was such a coward and didn’t tell Eve to put down the apple or whatever metaphor, tree of knowledge, serpent, satan, whatever…

Ask why the benevolent religion has excluded women as pastors, preachers for centuries

Coward ideology

Adam was a coward as are the law makers today

Adam takes no blame for his part in the “first sin”

Coward ideology

I don’t want to be ruled by cowards

It weakens our children

We need Lions to rise

The cowards are killing the race 

Many cowards run the planet

Men cowards

Bill Cosby, R Kelly, Harvey Weinstein and millions of men in our own families


What are we doing for the victims globally?

Who’s identifying the pedofile{s} within the family and protecting the children from them?

What are we doing today to protect our daughters?

Lions / men need to step up 

There must be balance of the masculine and the feminine within each individual.  We need the correct amount of interaction from both for humans to be whole

We NEED masculine and feminine in balance and a coward cannot teach this

Man have to stand up to the abusive system weakening humanity



Recognized the mind fuck of these images to the psyche of humans for centuries now

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