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​My job is reggae.

My goal is to change the current situation that has totally become the norm as it pertains to reggae and black culture in this colonial culture, programmed to block the positive messages of reggae music.

Folks like me don’t get grants from this apartheid regime.  Which is perfectly cool!  I should not expect support from a system that promotes racism and hypocrisy.   Duhhhh!  Reggae haffe bun dat out!

You purchasing these products aid my continued path.  So even if you have already purchased from me (THANK YOU!!!!) please pay it forward to others that may be sympathetic towards reggae or wish to aid my current and future endeavors.

“They” say that reggae is a “niche” market.

One way to change that dismissive thinking is to show success in tangible sales.  Tangible numbers!  Many of you can help me with that.

After reading this, think of one or two folks that you KNOW would support this and send it to them on my behalf?  Don’t harass people.  Jus mek dem know.  Maybe they would like to support my reggae fight.

Haffe “bite the hands that feed you” and create and alternative source / s of income through product sales.
And I don’t expect or attempt contact for aid from “them” anymore as I do see their game.

Reggae is my “job”.

Some / many have asked about how to aid I man on this journey.

Purchase Canadian reggae merch!

I currently have about 20 RFL knapsacks and about 50 RFL bracelets on hand.

Etranfer:  canadianreggaeworld@gmail.com & communication, requests, info, contact
Paypal:  JuLion King ~ reggaelaneking@gmail.com

Any and all RADA ~ RasTafari Against Domestic Abuse, credit card transactions are available now for global distribution.
Support I man where you can and suggest what you might like if we currently don’t have it.

Yes ladies, I know about “tank tops”.  What logo / s do you want on the tank tops? 876ers, 416ers, Reggae Lane, Reggae For Life {Fyah Lion}, Toronto Reggae, 420ers)

The more that I earn, the more that I will do.

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