Pum Pum Blocking

So I have heard from a few sistrins of mine about the intense stares that they receive from dudes

Scenario #1 is by total strangers

Scenario #2 is by idrins within the circle for several years going to several events together to leer at sistrins they have also known for years

Let us be clear, I am neither a saint nor trying to convert based on I n I beliefs yet if it gave brothers a pause to think, it should be worth a try

Maybe it is a place for discussion

Maybe we educate our sons and daughters to some concepts 

Part of why I write this is to protect my sistrin, my daughters and daughters of my friends from the ogling 

I have leered at a couple of ladies in my time, yet it has usually been with someone I am intimate with, who responds favorably.  If she responds with a cold shoulder or disinterest, I quickly choose another place to stare…  This one is not for me.  I don’t keep staring when there is obviously no interest in I n I advances

What do we do?

It’s been this way from ever

When I hear sistrins mention that they have anxiety thinking about going to events and last minute to decide against going is centuries old but I’m truly trying to take that in

Anxiety from being stared at by your bredrins 

As a man, I have no such thought or reason to think of being ogled as I don’t feel threatened

I think that’s it

If the advance is unwanted yet continuous, it tends to feel like a threat

The threat that accompanies the leer / ogle

I have ladies in I n I circle that I would definitely fancy a liaison with yet unwanted staring does not get one closer to the punny

It has the opposite effect actually

For some of the brothers who see what I’m seeing, you can aid your sistrins with “pum pum blocking”

What my sistrins point out is that the majority of the ogling usual stays on their fronts

If your sistrin gives you the eye like, “can you come and stand with me” eye, go over to her and stand directly in the line of sight of the ogler

He don’t want to see no guy, especially a crusty one like me

It also let’s your ogling idrin know seh you do not ascribe to the ogle mentality

It won’t change a centuries long accepted habit yet I felt like saying something anyway

The Music Gallery presents:
Willi Williams and New Chance WORLD PREMIERE + Holy Hum

Doors: 7:30PM/Concert 8PM
$25 Regular
$20 Advance
$15 Students, Members, EARLYBIRD

The exciting debut of an intergenerational collaboration between one of Toronto’s most iconic reggae elders and a grassroots electronic adventurer. New Chance, aka Victoria Cheong and Willi Williams (writer of “Armagideon Time” as covered by the Clash) create a new sound for your system with a project that grows from the roots forward into the future. Jamaica’s culture has had a profound impact on Toronto over the past fifty years; this is, as the saying goes, “a new chapter of dub”. 
Holy Hum is the dark, atmospheric yet eclectic music of multidisciplinary artist Andrew Lee whose debut “All My Bodies”, was released last year.

918 Bathurst is not currently wheelchair accessible due stairs (two half flights to enter the performance space, and one flight to access the washrooms). We are working as quickly as possible with 918 Bathurst to make the building accessible for all.

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