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Some of you read what I write to get I n I perspective on things as it comes from an honest and loving place

I love Jamaica

I love Canada

I love human rights and justice

I am appreciative of my place in this world and GRATEFUL for love and life and wish the same for all humans

Yet I have no love for the vampires

Born Jamaican

Lived there till I man was 16 years old

Went to a prep school called Vaz Prep, a high school named Wolmer’s Boys, two of the most prestigious and academic schools on the island then and now.  I grew up around those Jamaicans who believed that the homes (status) that they were born into was and still is more important than the overall development of the country and its people

Jamaica is full of colonial puppets; hence these so called ‘elite’ hang on to their positions / rank in society which includes the degradation of the majority of the population so that they can feel better about themselves

Government officials, the so called ‘elite’ and the middleclass and the need for colonial hierarchy have Jamaicans killing Jamaicans
That’s an undeniable fact
I wrote this on a social media feed earlier today
“ Bauxite ~ Owned by Alcan and Reynolds – Canadian and American 

Blue Mountain Coffee ~ Owned by The Japanese

Sugar Cane ~ Not owned by Jamaicans 

Ganja ~ Will not be owned by Jamaicans 

Beaches ~ Not owned by Jamaicans 

Hotels ~ Not owned by Jamaicans 

Reggae music ~ Makes billions in Europe… Not profited from by Jamaicans 

Create jobs from any or all of these industries and the gangland rape, theft, back biting may change as the people have jobs as opposed being forced to hustle a living”

Many more will be given hope and respect for self, government and country

ANY of the above industries can feed Jamaican people, employ them and reduce the imaginary debt that we supposedly owe to the IMF, The World Bank, Canada, The UK or the US… vampires sucking the blood of Jamaica and Jamaicans

Our governments since 1962 have either EXCEEDINGLY corrupt people or have their hands tied by powers too strong for them, so they feel like they have no choice but to do as they are told

The alternative is to be physically harmed or murdered

That has always been the solution by the vampire to those who share effective solutions to the upliftment of the masses

Another quote from today:

“No government in JA since independence (1962) is actually for the people
If they were, our national debt would not look the way that it does

Common sense”
This also undeniable to I man
Jamaica has more debt than most, more guns than most yet we have resources to fix our situations which this colonially planted government (s) have ALWAYS been in place to block, so that the people can never rise


On top of pontificating with what I write, I am a doer.  I promote reggae, host shows, merchandise product and sometimes author a few articles

I am a soldier in the global reggae army and will speak the truths as we all see them and continue on I path to elevate the culture through merchandising and elevating exceptional talent
“If you LOVE Jamaica, Stop killing Jamaicans”
876 is Jamaica’s area code

I n I goal is to take the profits from said sales to reinvest in something Jamaican, reggae music, an artist, a student, RasTafari education and livity, equal rights & justice to all humanity with honor, respect, integrity & nobility as individual mantras

If you wish to aid this path, purchase and wear proudly this brand(s) as well as to forward to those who feel this vibe

“The basis of racial discrimination and colonialism has been economic, and it is with economic weapons that these evils have been and can be overcome” ~ Haile Selassie I

I am focused of the popularity of the country and reggae music and presenting reggae brands that gives back to the community, even if it is only in the numbers of hours that we put into promoting the music daily to hopefully earning enough for scholarships to budding artists, scientists or any other field

Reggae is popular enough to sustain itself and this is I path

www.canadianreggaeworld.com/reggae-for-life.html Click on the link to order and don’t forget your free shipping code ~ RFLSHIP

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