One Life

“One Life”

Davey Erick Rochester
30 years old
That is who he is.
Folks talk to me constantly about “Black Lives Matter” so I will put that to the test.

​One life!

There are many willing to ‘protest’ about their lot in life and fight against the colonial power wielded by police forces all over the “commonwealth” murdering and degrading black lives daily.  Wear t-shirts and go on long marches and give all kinds of speeches about the inequality of black life.  I’m fairly sure all those things seem necessary to the maintenance of humanity and self pride of the people who feel compelled to speak out in such a manner.  And the fight / struggle is a constant!

Well, this is about one person right now.  Davey Erick Rochester from Jamaica!

I’d like to see what we as Jamaicans can do in the face of this crisis.  
This is not on the 6:00 o’ clock or the 8:00pm prime time news!  It is a big story about the life of one man.  May not be sensational to some but it is deeply important to me as it pertains to Jamaicans coming together to protect our own.  Something it is said that we do not know how to do.  Here is our opportunity to prove ourselves to us!  If we fight for ONE LIFE we may value the collective so much more.  Help me to save Davey and infuse respect within ourselves as Jamaicans fighting for Jamaicans.  876ers rise to the challenge.

The registry at the blood bank for black people is exceedingly limited.  Davey, based on what they have to work with, has a 1% (ONE PERCENT) chance of survival!  Diagnosed 3 months ago!  Those are shitty odds on any given day.  We need swabs, testing and donations to save ONE LIFE!

Swabs and testing is a huge step to finding Davey and other patients, possible matches and donors.  We Jamaicans / 876ers are needed to step up because it is our DNA that is needed.  I am hoping to reach the right person or people that will make a difference to this cause.  18 – 35 year old Jamaican males are needed to save this life.
I am my brother’s keeper!

I was asked to help out by his and my sister Chantal who believed in her heart that I could make a difference.  Chantal inspired me and I don’t wish to let her down.  Krista his wife should not have to face an uncertain future with her man and father of her children.  Davey and Krista’s daughters names are Dechia, Keyana, Nahmya and Daveya.  All those mothers and fathers out there, we can use your time, swab and input.
If it were me who needed the help, I do hope someone would step up and fight for my children because I could not do it myself.

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