NEWSLETTER ~ Volume 9 ~ October 2018

Feel Reggae Seminar

Can’t teach reggae as it can only be felt

Peter Tosh said words like this nearly 50 years ago and today seem so prophetic

We carry on in that tradition hosting these Seminars with guests included so far, Peter Holung {IBADAN}, Belinda Brady, Jeremy Rempel of Fugititve Minds, Mojah {Truth & Rights, Big Sugar}, David Kingston of old 88.1FM fame

Our path is to discuss reggae music as well as to play it for an appreciative audience

This week we have the honor of Jason Wilson hosting the event

Reggae Lane

Reggae Lane isn’t right yet

It can be but it isn’t right just yet

Big business came in and gentrified what was affectionately called Little Jamaica, getting its fame from the little strip directly east of Oakwood, where Toronto had a real, authentic reggae culture, where worldwide practitioners of reggae congregated, making hte area even more famous

Many of the business owners and family left the area with a bitter taste in their mouths on how they were treated.  They had businesses there for decades

They don’t give a shit about Reggae Lane

There is a sentiment by many artists, performers and musicians who have resided here for 40 – 50 years who detest the hooker,  crack head with the walking zombies laneway, as a gross disrespect to Jamaican culture and to reggae music

I of course see this differently yet I am empathetic to some of those sentiments

I’d like to someday properly honor those who held up Little Jamaica for the past 50 years.  What that compensation may look like, I have no clue yet I see some respect needs to be paid by those early day soldiers

Rumor has it that the Laneway my disappear in the continued gentrification of the area 

If so, Reggae Lane will continue as a concept

History shows, the first lane way named after reggae music happened right here in Toronto,  Ontario, Canada, at Eglinton and Oakwood

Reggae Lane

…was born

I goal, differently than the city councillors, government organizers, is to earn from our reggae culture and contributions in Canada and to build on my / our own

There is currently only one Reggae Lane on the planet

Reggae will make its own path

If you have any regard for I n I path, share the information and wear this brand proudly

Reggae is love and truth

That’s what we bring

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Where to purchase CRW reggae brands
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Lion of Judah Towing Services

We are currently an army of one

Mally Bless

Our goal is to grow his company to a fleet

Lion of Judah tows, offer compassion, honesty and integrity to our clients who wish our services.  All with towing needs, please contact  us at canadianreggaeworld@gmail.com

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