NEWSLETTER ~ Volume 8 ~ October 2018

Welcome back to this newsletter collaboration between Toronto Reggae and Canadian Reggae World

We are having nuff fun producing it

To start off this week I give you a cool vibe and energy by an artist who we haven’t heard from in a minute, Kidd RasTa.  This tune is an uplifting energy that I would love to share with reggae fans

​A reminder to always get back up 

Congratulations to Grace Jones  receiving the Order Of Jamaica for style

Jones has been an international icon as a designer, model, recording artist and actress

Proud of this lady


 The Abbott in Parkdale ~ 99 Spencer Avenue

On top of serving boss coffee in this historic Toronto spot, I also found some art… cool illustrations by sister Amita SenGupta

Dr. Jason Wilson brings some keyboard stylings to the Feel Reggae Seminar

The goal of these seminars is to explore the root{s} of reggae music and to display the feel of it through the performance

Joining Jason will be bassie Peter Holung

Big Sugar, tribute , honor to the life of bassie Garry Lowe
Condolences to the Hammond family

​RIP Boyo Hammond

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