NEWSLETTER Volume 6 ~ October 2018

Feel Reggae

Peter Tosh

Talk to de people

“Yu cyaa teach reggae, yu haffe feel it” ~ Peter Tosh

“A RasTaman speaks the truth”

Blessings I sistrin, this is a part of the inspiration for this Feel Reggae movement in this time. The information has always been thus

I am grateful to the artists and the fans who ovastand this energy and come to support the vibes

Real Reggae ~ Feel Reggae

Jason Wilson

Next Feel Reggae Seminar in October
Jason Wilson is one of those rare proteges of the late, great, Jackie Mittoo, who was and probably is considered as the most creative mind in reggae history
Jason himself has such a creative mind as he incorporates reggae with jazz with Scottish vibes as it is his background
Jason has traveled the world playing all kinds of styles of music and played with folks like Ernest Ranglin, UB-40, Michael St George as well as a member of several bands
One of the bands he worked with for years at The Bamboo was Jason Wilson and Tabarruk for those who remember the Boo days
Dr. Wilson, will join us on the 27th to lead this Feel Reggae Seminar
David Kingston will be by to spin some conscious tunes as well

Ras Penco

A blessing to touch base with this RasTafari idrin

I first heard / noticed him as I was hosting a radio show and heard his track “First Child”.  That tune made me a fan and I have remained so ever since

​Support gifted talent

“Pebble in the Pond”

Getting dumped

Take your dumping like a man / woman

I have suffered this a few times in my life as well as I have asked folks to move along

Any devious behavior after the fact like stalking, trolling, revenge tactics, long winded texts about seeking closure is needy and demeaning to yourself

Stop it!

Walk away

Whatever you think that the other person felt, or said to you that you think was so genuine isn’t them being devious, it is you not taking responsibility for your spiritual self and not feeling the truth

Living spiritually creates greater clarity with love and truth

If you are not with the person that you think / thought that you loved so much is you missing the spiritually truth


All other explanations that you give yourself about how devious they are, is you not taking responsibility for you spiritual truth

I’ve been dumped a couple of times too

You tell yourself all kinds of shit but when I think about the folks that I have ended relationships with, I just wished that they would stop asking “why?” all the time and go away.  Not out of anger but you honestly don’t feel the way that they do and trying to explain why, is an impossible task as it is a spiritual disconnection and not always easily explained
So I remember that and move on
Move on
The “problem” isn’t them, it is you not accepting the spiritual truth

Tenor Saw – Laying him to rest

The phenom

A true candidate for the title King of The Dancehall with the numbers of hits that still currently rock the dancehall{s} globally

Any dance yu go, one Tenor Saw must get played and I guarantee you will get a wheel up on most of his tunes

I was finally able to put a vibe to he who Tenor Saw was and he was exactly what I expected and already knew him to be, through his music and lyrical content

Though it hurts I man to know the truth of his passing, the brutality of it, alone and left for dead, I feel like knowing it and now sharing it, gives us an opportunity to reach out and walk with him… even for a minute so that his spirit can rest from such a brutal ending of a beautiful life force

Clive truly touched my heart with his music and his loving ways

Dem cyaa duss him out jus so

Dem nuh get fe kill this soul jus so

Send Clive your spiritual love on his journey for the beautiful energy that he gave us in his music

Ites up Tenor Saw

Business highlight this week ~ Kushwells

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