NEWSLETTER ~ Volume 5 ~ 28th September, 2018

Reggae influences the world and is influenced by the world

For some like me, reggae is life

It is everyday life and I am grateful for that path

RasTafari guides, rules and reigns, in thoughts, creativity and opinions voiced and written

Raspect to all of the conscious souls who take the time to read and peruse this offering to the world

Orange Shirt Day

First on the agenda, Sunday September 30th, is Orange Shirt Day

Hundreds of thousands of children and millions of lives of Native humans were raped, murdered and destroyed and the rape and murders continue today in Canada by white racist sub-humans in the decision making within the Canadian government

That is an undeniable truth

The Indian Act created Residential Schools where Native humans {babies and children} were ripped away from their parents and abused within this racist system 

Wearing an Orange Shirt is a show of love and solidarity to these abused humans and hopefully create greater awareness so that justice can be brought for these many Native souls

Michael St. George ~ Feel Reggae

The Feel Reggae energy blossoms as we roll along

Last week we had David Kingston, who pioneered a reggae resurgence in 1982 with his show, “Reggae Showcase” which ended in 1992, bringing that conscious, rootical reggae music to the masses.  Kingston was loved and rated by many of us fans and grateful that he took on the service of “reggae”

Feel Reggae runs from 4:00pm – 6:00pm.  David came to spin at 3:00 and then after 6:00pm, dropping GEMS in the ears of the fans.  David will be coming from time to time, beating tunes for those who like to listen

Klive Walker made another appearance.  Author of “Dubwise” in 2005, Klive is one of the world’s foremost reggae historians and generously shares his knowledge and time with the community

Michael St. George

Poet, singer, songwriter

Michael spoke of his journeys here in Canada as well as in the UK, Jamaica and parts of Africa

One of Toronto / Canada’s most celebrated and accomplished poets, Michael gave an appreciative audience great performances and patiently hosted a Q & A making all in the room feel welcomed as well as informed

The performances were pretty awe inspiring and I am still answering calls about Michael as well as the performances each day since the event

The next Feel Reggae event, on the 27th October will be hosted by none other than Jason Wilson a Jackie Mittoo protege

Kabaka Pyramid

I met Kabaka Pyramid a couple of years ago at Sankofa Restaurant, owned by African Star

Representing CRW I was there as “media” yet when I got there, he looked like a man who had answered too many questions already, so I let him chill

After another round of questioning, he was walking past where I stood, then he stopped in the middle of the room, then we approached each other.  No cameras, no lights, no pen and paper, just two idrinsof this reggae journey

I did want to speak with him.  I went to the event because it was him {I don’t go to much things}

I wanted to tell him that I was impressed with the consciousness he and his peers, Chronixx, Jessie Royal, Iba Mahr, Jah 9, Protege, Damian & Stephen Marley and other young RasTafari generation were bringing “it” the way it was supposed to be





I recommend his album Kontraband to the youth seeking a path as well as intelligent commentary within the art

Kirk Diamond

2018 Juno Award winner, Kirk Diamond

An artist that I have had the pleasure of reasoning with one on one

I think the first thing I told him that he was gifted

I like his spiritual energy… He actually tries to be nice to people yet as a younger person, in this time, with the levels of cynicism, it remains a challenge that he is working through

RasTafari touches him so I hear that in his music… makes me a “Greater” fan

Big chune!

When I say Canada has some gems, this is truly one of them, in my humble opinion

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