NEWSLETTER Volume 4 ~ September 2018

Feel Reggae ~ Michael St. George

Poet, singer, songwriter 

Michael comes to shed light on his career, his connection to reggae and dub, dub poetry and reggae influences, this Saturday, 22nd September, 2018, 4:00pm – 6:00pm

Harry Belafonte

Was one of the great ones

He learned to assimilate within the even more overtly racist 60s and 70s bringing Jamaican folk music to the colonial worlds of America as well as Europe

Some said he was a Wolmarian {explains a lot…lol}

Matilda, Banana Boat Song{Day O}, Shake Shake, Shake Senora, Jamaica Farewell are some of my favorite songs that he did

I believe that it was because of Belafonte, Miriam Makeba was brought to the world.  He was a generous man with bringing her to the planet’s ears and spirits.  She was LOVELY

A freedom fighter who was known to head many marches in the 1960s walking arm in arm with Dr. Martin Luther King

A movie star to many folks in the black community as well as globally.  The one that sticks out to me as a Jamaican youth was Buck & The Preacher {1972} with himself and Sidney Poitier

​One of the most chilling speeches I have ever witnessed was Belafonte’s narrative, inducting Public Enemy into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  At over 90 years old, he is still bringing the fire

Artist Feature this week ~ Blessed
Toronto, Canadian, Jamaican reggae star exploded to the world with a series of hits like Love {African Woman}, Unexpected, Reggae Time

Juno Award winner in the reggae category

Purchase his music off his website www.blessedb3.com

Newest release “Money Don’t Grow Pon Trees”… watch for this one

​Adrian Hayles ~ Illustrator ~ Reggae Lane Mural Artist

I first knew of Adrian Hayles as the mural artist for Reggae Lane

An accomplished illustrator, he has since taken on other projects in the city since that time and his excellence is undeniable

One of Toronto’s / Canada’s finest

Business Feature ~ The Boxing Loft

Emile is an accredited Natural Health Consultant, a strength & 
conditioning coach, and a boxing coach. He holds a Bachelor of Science 
degree in psychology, and was an ‘All-American’ track and field athlete 
before taking up the sport of boxing.

With more than 15 years of experience, Emile uses boxing techniques to 
develop his clients’ confidence and fitness. A soft spoken, 
compassionate coach, Emile makes a personal commitment to each and every 
client to ensure that they attain their individual wellness goals.

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