Newsletter ~ September 2018

So honored to share this energy with Toronto Reggae

Our goal as we seem to define it as we grow, is to showcase reggae to an audience that seeks some information and in so doing, relate reggae as we know it to be to an audience who wishes to receive it that way

We fulljoy the path and welcome conscious souls to partake of this energy

We do “reggae” every day

That is a blessing that we feel grateful for

I sometimes complain about Canada’s lack of support for reggae yet here I am, doing reggae things, every day.  So maybe it takes the individual to stop complaining about the path and just walk it

Sometimes I’m a tad thick…  Took me a minute to have it penetrate

Reggae’s path is about the positive unification of good souls

Welcome to this communication path

Musician Feature ~ Carl Harvey:

Carl Harvey has played with Toots Hibbert for over forty {40} years now.  Like his brother Rupert of MessenJah fame as well as Crack of Dawn, they are Jackie Mittoo protégés who learned to feel reggae right.  They learned t feel jazz right.  They learned music from a recognized world renowned musical genius in Jackie Mittoo

Touring the world for forty years is a level of experience and expertise we all could benefit from Carl’s experience{s}

Carl produced  and been a part of nuff great reggae music for years.  Here is one with Sly & Robbie, Jackie Mittoo, Lloyd Parks

Here’s the link

Drum and bass

When describing reggae music those two elements may get mentioned most as the things are the most prominent in the music to create that right reggae energy… vibez; and it is partially true, yet some like me, are attracted to “anthem” tunes that we all can sing along to

Considering the constant exploitative media sources, creatively distracting the sheeple daily, it is difficult to find some of those roots, RasTafari reggae tunes that helps to bolster your spirits and those around you

I found it from sistrin Tasha Tee in this tune “Fire In Me”

Feel Reggae with Mojah

Talented human

As well as generous

Ovastanding the message of Feel Reggae, Mojah brought the bag of tools.  He spoke of the early days with Truth & Rights.  Of his friendship with the great Garry Lowe and his stint with Big Sugar

Mojah spoke of the history of reggae and why he writes this music and what inspires the creative path to the song

Then he performed a tune

The camera died, so we had to record with a cell phone…  The visual is really poor becasue of it, yet the audio is very intact (audibly low but clear) and his message is clear

​I do hope that you take the time to check out the performance… It sounds good

​This newsletter sponsored by The Abbott in Parkdale ~ 99 Spencer

​A family ting… Good coffee, lovely staff, nice neighborhood, good tunes (all genre)

Black Maple Records
ph: 905-581-3328

Come record in studio, run by one of Canada’s foremost dub poets, Michael St. George

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