NEWSLETTER ~ 2nd Release for September 2018

Reggae music work offa vibes so will we

A second newsletter for September means that there is more to discuss about reggae music 

Feel Reggae Seminar 

This month features Michael St. George

Dub poet extraordinaire will bring a unique perspective as it pertains to his direction with the genre relative dub poetry and life

Michael is accompanied by Peter Holung of IBADAN

CRW / TR album Pic this week

Agent Sasco ~ Hope River


Agent Sasco {who I got to know originally as Assassin} ~ Album: Hope River

From the world of reggae certain movements happen that make all people pay attention

Deh pon Sasco when I saw the battle on Instagram with him and Shaggy.  When he hit Shaggy with the tough bassline that he used in Mix Up, he immediately got I attention

That studio battle introduced me to Mix Up

I sent the video to a couple of friends and said “watch dis yout”

My Song
Deeply spiritual… Love people weh show their spiritual energy to the planet.  That is far more honest that trying to live up to a character

Winning Right Now


Deh pon constant repeat



Jamaican spirit to de max… nah romp wid de ting
They will Rob You
It was nice to hear John Holt.  Nice sample as well as homage to a reggae Lion

Passage Of Time
Assassin / Agent Sasco with Buju Banton

Nice homage and a rightful prediction

Nex anthem chune

Seems like all Agent Sasco wants to do is to uplift the people

 All Aboard
Nex anthem chune  –  play this for the family gathered 

An album worth talking about and well worth circulating to the reggae community worldwide

This blast from the past is courtesy of the archives of Toronto Reggae

The Canadian Reggae Music Awards creation by Winston Hewitt

A flyer from February 1986

There are many names that may come up as Jamaican heroes that have captivated the country and the spirit of the people… with pride

I feel like Miss Lou deserves the highest of the highest honors that can ever be bestowed on any Jamaican and that spot I believe is Heroes Circle

Some mention Bob of course and even Harry Belafonte who I would have no problems inducting them as JA heroes also

This is I likkle push for Louise Bennett Coverley


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