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Usually at this time of year we’d be in the thick of planning the upcoming festival, making offers and even getting certain shows ready for sale. But until we have more clarity on several fronts, we’re in a bit of a holding pattern. I’m doing the usual agent outreach, but the conversations are a bit, well, absurd: “So what’s the plan for the Festival?” “Don’t know. Got any artists looking to tour?” “Don’t know.” Repeat.

Meanwhile, I don’t have to tell you that the news from here at home is concerning – COVID numbers are high and official messaging on controlling the spread is confusing; we have two young kids in school, which, for us, has added to the stress of the situation. We’re doing our best to stay positive and put on a brave face…this comic by KC Green (abbreviated from its original form) almost perfectly catches how I’m feeling many days.

Despite the unknowns of the upcoming Festival, work has remained busy and fulfilling. Our Summer Concert Series and Casa Loma Sessions (the last of which, featuring Molly Johnson, premieres this Tuesday) were a welcome reminder of the magic of live music. Initiatives like our Act4Music presentation and our co-presentation of Allison Au at this year’s virtual DC Jazz Fest (with the generous support of the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC) helped put local artists in front of an international audience. Our recent involvement in COJAZZ, the first ever Canadian Online Jazz Festival, was a ton of work, but the end result was satisfying – it felt like a truly collaborative effort with colleagues from across the country, and provided a national stage for seven very different local artists. We’ve just launched our “Stories From Home” initiative, which invites musicians to relay their experience in their own words, and we’ll have an announcement of another major event soon.

Music – even if not live – remains a go-to source of comfort and inspiration for me. I’ve been checking out the occasional online concert (I admit my patience for more screen time is short) and have tried to keep track of new releases. Happily, an abundance of new music has been released over the past several months, and I’ve especially enjoyed albums by musicians who seemed to have dug a little deeper for their newest projects, exploring more closely some of their musical influences, and making records which feel like reflections of who they truly are as artists.

And then there’s humour. Social media can be, frankly, toxic, but I’ve been grateful for the many posts that, if not making light of the situation we’re in, at least have tried to bring some levity. If you like your humour political, for example, check out Pat LaBarbera’s recent Facebook reimagining of lyrics of jazz standards. And this image, which has been circulating in the past few days, humours my music nerd side while simultaneously calling attention to the frustrating side of certain internet security measures:

Just like the classic albums which help to centre me musically, there are certain clips that I turn to when I’m in need of a laugh. These two get me every time.

I’m thankful for family, music, humour, work and more…What has helped you find some positivity?


​Remembrance Day 2020 Reflections

No I cannot “celebrate” this the way they are and have been selling it to me
If these so called patriots are selling it, you know that it is the wrong energy.  The hatred and venom they brought and other “patriots” like that, confirm puppet behavior and maintain this continued violence to innocent human life
Blood sport
The ultimate blood sport
Bravery personified to “serve your country” and to risk your life for others.  Purple hearts abound as other innocent souls get murdered in order to earn them medals
What is it that “they” want me / us to remember about war?
In WW1, some 20 million children were murdered on the whim of decision makers and in WW2, another 80 million children were murdered
The people who send 100 million children to be murdered control the celebration of the passing of these children
Over 100 million children
Little boys as soldiers not even 18 years old yet.  Innocent women and children as well who were not soldiers but civilians in the wrong place and time
Keep your celebrations
If these people promoting Remembrance Day celebrations actually cared, we would see no hint of war for the duration of humanity, when we take into consideration the 100 million lives we took away; from whose decisions again?
Who decides to murder children to make a point?
To win some territory?
To plant a flag?
To secure poppy or oil fields?
To maintain the opium trade?
Control the world economy?
“To end communism”?
For religion?
To make the American dollar our trading currency as opposed to gold?
Let us murder and pillage and sacrifice the lives of innocent children, “taking orders”
Wow… a get out of jail free card because one has to follow orders
As we murder more innocent children on any side of the conflict
If these children’s lives meant anything, we would endeavor to never do this to other children
The people, the “patriots” who send our children to die are also the ones promoting this poppy day
I truly do not trust these evil humans or their track records since WW2 with the numbers of global conflicts since that time… Falkland, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Vietnam etc, etc, etc…
I will remember the lost and murdered children / soldiers
I will mourn these children and try to stave off this cannibalistic murder brought by the “decision makers”
Remembrance Day should not only mourn loss but also a movement to hold these “decision makers” accountable for the lives of dead children / soldiers
Remember to look out for these abusive leaders
Fire all politicians that call for war
Remember to find the executive at Big Pharma, the Corporation or the Banker pulling these strings and hold them people accountable for the lives of children
Our children
I think we should ask a million vets their opinions before we engage into another “war”
We have the narrative that they fought for our freedom as we know it today
Well, I suggest that all presidents, prime ministers, politicians, the senate, ceos of pharma or other banking entities who vote to send our children to war, must immediately report to the frontlines next day with their wives, husbands and children of age, to be suited and booted
Right to the frontlines!
If they survive, they can get their jobs back
Everyone fights! No matter their age or health conditions since we are fighting for “our” freedom
Remember how controlled we are
Remember how insignificant our sons and daughters are to fiscal bottom line
Remember the numbers of injured and amputee veterans out in society still struggling today
Remember to question the decisions of rich people playing with poor people’s lives
Remember to ask questions
Remember to recognise the corporation/s that kills millions of humans in the name of “freedom” yet none of them or their children are on the battlefield risking life and limb
Remember to question why you accept this
Remember that you probably have no say in whatever happens with the trillions of trillions spent on “war”
I empathise with vets and their families for lost lives and limbs, physical and spiritual trauma, aka PTSD, so I remember to ask about this aspect of war
“Remember, No more war”
That is the mantra I hope to share going forward
There are so many thoughts and things to say yet I do hope that those who have suffered are not hurt or offended by these thoughts.  I am hoping to create dialogue, thoughts, shifts in spiritual energy to protect humans 

Honor ~ Respect ~ Integrity ~ Nobility

​You don’t have to be a religious soul to grasp the Christian principles of God and Jesus, so I start out this way

Jesus has many sheep in his flock

His father God made Lions as well.  Jesus was one of His lions

“The Lion of Judah”

The sheep got together to try and make the world safe for themselves and in so doing; it attacks the lion spirit, created by the Almighty

Honor ~ Respect ~ Integrity ~ Nobility

All four only work with a humble spirit.  A MUST!

Honor ~ Respect ~ Integrity ~ Nobility

Those engaged in bigotry and hate weaken the collective

Yes I am aware of yin and yang.  One cannot exist without the other yet we must see the truth of these behaviors, clearly define them and deal with the planet differently

There is cowardice in the abuses the planet is currently facing from children abductions / pornography coming from the “highest” levels of society to racism, to encouraged bigotry, gender confusions which we all are aware of yet talk is all we seem to have

I feel as helpless as the rest of us sheeple

Yet this might trigger ones who can affect positive change as well

What are the prices we must pay?

Who cares?

Honor ~ Respect ~ Integrity ~ Nobility



I am trying to write for effect in the hope that it penetrates the right person/s

I don’t know how

I am as sheepified as everyone else

With a humble spirit I will seek these things in my own behavior as well as those around me.  I demand it of myself, even if I fall short sometimes, as I demand it in all relationships.  I am not demanding sainthood, just a realness through a humble style

It creates a deeper love within

We can’t go wrong with love


Abuse now is as normal as breath

It is a part of the make up of everyone

It is a part of our day to day vocabulary and none of us is immune to giving or receiving abuse

Everyone is guilty

We speak of not engaging in toxic relationships but most only think that extreme cases are what we mean when we think of abuse so the less aggressive stuff gets ignored or given less attention

Our tolerance for abuse is pretty high

It cones from so many sources

Everyone in your life including self delivers abuse

It is like the air we need to breathe and to survive

We feel justified in our own forms of abuse which are things like, “I’m insecure, or Get a thicker skin, or Yu too soff, or You just can’t handle my truth, or I have had trauma in my life, or No one else complains, or You hurt me” or any manor of justifiable reasons

It is a survival mechanism

It is comfort and a defense mechanism and at times used to exert power over others

It may well be just human nature

A natural thing

Natural for all of us

But having said that, I am no fan of abuse and I believe I suffer from a lack of tolerance for it

Being an aggressive person, I am known for standing strongly with an argument or physical / verbal confrontations and not backing down and it is a thing I prided within myself, then I realize that I am succumbing to the abuse with the power of rage

I match the abuse with rage

Falling into the abusers path

I become a pawn of abuse

I realize that it crushes spirits and souls globally, including in my own circle/s

Sarcasm is weak behavior

It is given as a joke yet the deliverer believes that they hide their hate with a joke


No words are necessary to defend any abusive situation

Live well


Push the venom away

Your friends list will shrink but if they aren’t lifting you up spiritually, how are they friends?

Some have suffered great trauma and are unaware of their abusive behavior/s yet I have no need to absorb toxic energy from an external source.  Most of us have had to overcome levels of pain, some more than others yet if abuse come along with their outlook/s it is still not acceptable in my opinion

I do not choose abuse


I see it’s toxic path, weakening the spirits of loving souls

Human nature?

Is there a cure for abuse?

I’m not sure if there is one, yet I have zero interest in accepting it

Just sharing thoughts

Bless up 

CEO of You

The fear in this time for many, are the numbers of covid fatalities not matching the originally inflated numbers projected in February 2020 by or virology experts and our governments.  Many like me aware of a mortality rate of 99.6% globally or whatever that percentage is that they are currently reporting

Some welcome testing as well as mandatory vaccines hoping to save themselves from pending and predicted, super viruses in future times, while others cringe at the thought of poison being injected / infected into our systems

There is concern for the population control through economic means with some governments giving just enough money   to its citizen and with massive unemployment looming, all are prepared to take these “hand outs” to stave off eviction notices and to feed hungry children and ourselves.  We live in one of those countries, in Canada, that gives dollars to its citizens… There are many who cannot afford this, so even in these dire times, many feel somewhat grateful to have some fiscal support

The fear looms larger and larger with the upcoming uncertain future

The fear is debilitating for some / many, as cases of anxiety soar globally

All of this and much more and none of the decisions being made are seeking your or my council.  We are in a space where we are being led and it is a disconcerting feeling, similar to white water rafting down a fast river with no oars

So I became the CEO of Self

I do not figure into these global decision making laws and bylaws

With an uncertain future professionally, physically or spiritually, this company of self must elevate the things that I do have some control of, which are the physical and the spiritual

Many have no clue of what is next professionally.  Teachers, musicians, performers, service workers, retail workers and many more face uncertain futures at best

The new matrix seems to wish to eliminate certain things / jobs so this is beyond my control



Yet the upliftment of spirit and physical fitness have aided in alying many of these fears within me.  No matter what challenges the future holds, if I am not spiritually and physically healthy I will succumb to even greater pitfalls, so I uplift self through this time

I do have days of anxiety as well yet my calming spirit puts me back into perspective

I am the CEO of me

I am working for the company of me and the work is 24/7

A part of your work is to do nothing sometimes… Sit in silence, go for a walk or jog, focus on nutrition, sing and dance to music, work on the calm of family members, read, think, hustle your businesses, any direction is fine, but remember you are the company you work for

The CEO of you

Written always from feel 

RFL ~ Reggae For Life
​Order here https://royal-tease.ca/collections/rfl

Catch them while you can

You may have seen this week an excellent but heartbreaking New York Times article, by Nate Chinen, on the legendary pianist Keith Jarrett. In the article we learn that after two strokes, Keith will likely never return to the stage. Now 75, Keith’s last performance was at Carnegie Hall in 2017, and while I had concerns about his silence since then, reading of his health struggles – in what is a very personal interview – was in many ways devastating: another legendary musician silenced and, selfishly, gone was the opportunity to see a legendary performer in action once more.

I was reminded of a letter posted to the jazz board at the University of Toronto several years back, shortly after Stanley Turrentine passed away, by a faculty member at the time. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before; the letter called out students for not getting out to see live music, and especially not getting out to see some of the legendary jazz musicians when they pass through town. I wasn’t a student when I read the letter, but I took it to heart – I knew then (as I do now) that I could still do better to ensure that I experience, in person, the players who represent the history of this incredible music.

I have been lucky to see a number of my favourites over the years. I remember in particular Dizzy Gillespie at Massey Hall; Ella Fitzgerald at Roy Thomson Hall; Oscar Peterson (with Oliver Jones opening) at the Four Seasons Centre. (I had a ticket to see Miles Davis at Massey Hall, but the show was cancelled due to illness, and he never made it back.) But there is only so much time (and so much money) and I can think of too many shows I’ve missed – only to realize too late that there wouldn’t be another.

At the Festival, we do our best to feature jazz legends whenever we can, and sometimes a performance on our stage is the last time a musician comes to the city. There is, of course, no way of knowing, and there are sometimes regrets – we could not have known that Keith Jarret’s 2014 performance at Roy Thomson Hall would be his last in the city. We were in talks a couple of years after to bring him back, but it didn’t work out.

And sometimes, in the quest to find new and exciting, I admit that I forget to look backwards, to be sure to recognize why legendary musicians have become legendary, and to recognize what they did for the art form. I certainly have my go-to artists when I need a reset – a reminder of what makes swing really swing, or of what makes a rhythm section cook, or of what makes an arrangement sing. But it’s (too) often by accident that I’m reminded of the mastery of the masters. This week, for example, while making my way through a playlist, a particularly swinging tune came on – beautiful soloing, absolutely tight rhythm section. A quick check of the credits, and no surprise: it was Kenny Barron with Dave Holland and Jonathan Blake from the recent release Without Deception.

It’s challenging, of course, at the moment, to seek out the legends live and in-person. But we can still be intentional about it, even in the current reality. A few weeks back I committed to watching a livestream from Healdsburg Jazz featuring the trio of Charles Lloyd, Zakir Hussain and Julian Lage. Though of course I would have preferred to be in the same room, the quality was excellent and the mastery of the musicians transcended any technological barriers. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number of veteran musicians who have taken advantage of online opportunities to connect, either through performance or conversation, with their audience.

Yes, recordings and books and articles will exist after the artists themselves are gone. But music is meant be experienced live, and so often in a live setting there are extras – comments from the musicians, the on-stage banter, the magic of the final note hanging in the air, or just the thrill of being in the room with a legend (and sharing that with other music lovers) – that cannot be duplicated on tape or on film or on the page. In fact, Keith Jarrett provided just one of those extras at his Roy Thomson Hall concert in 2014: after an audience member sneezed, he turned and said, maybe even with a bit of a smile, “You get one!” And suddenly we all relaxed, and enjoyed the beauty of the moment, and the notes that followed.

What have been some of your most memorable live living legends moments?




Fear is guiding these times that we are living in.  Our “leaders” are fulfilling their roles of keeping the populations of the world panicked, mirroring the media that is forced upon us

Fear can alter the spirit

Fix your spirit… stabilize your soul

No virus or vaccine can affect your souls

This is how you affect the physical world around you

The chaos and confusion is by design… none of us are confused by this

This is too much to process

Honoring your spiritual peace is your responsibility, no matter the distractions of poverty, family, illness…  comforting and grounding your spirit is on you

Remember, no virus or vaccine can affect your souls


Louis March needs the aid of this community to curb gun violence

My mindset is based on the love of my children and those of my friends

I love our children

Help me to help Louis to save these babies from the instituted tricks of the colonizer

They won’t ever change, but we can… We must


Starliners tonight… my Canadian reggae energy… Thursdays and Sundays

Organize and Centralize are great words of advice to apply to starliners show with Mally Bless and Tonya P

Canada’s reggae life and contributions are legendary so get on board because you see it for yourself

Blessed new tune ~ Dancehall Vaccine

Control Of the Music is The Control of the Spirit

Control of the music is the control of the spirit

This is what the babylonian decision makers have convinced themselves of

And they are one hundred percent correct in their analysis and worldwide execution of their control on the music industry

Control the music

The defiance, the love, the morality, the pain, the emotion, the message of music is a spiritual message that only needs to be heard or felt to allow the listener to vibe, feel and move in a different way

Lyric and sound are just as effective, together or apart

Without a spiritual thesaurus to speak a specific spirit language, feel is all we know

Babylon trying to hijack that

In a physical way, they have already done that and created large streams of revenue for their cause

It is clear what music does for the human spirit during chaotic, tragic, happy times.  It isn’t once that music carries us through times in our lives, uplifting us

Our happiest memories are taken up in music.  We have a song/s that takes us to specific memories

Physically, babylon owns that

Currently, musicians globally are shut down by a movement to control the music, stopping the players of instruments and singers

This controlling path feels deliberate in its application

Not a conspiracy.  I know nothing.  I am going off feel.  Music is the spirit so I can only move with feel on this one

Control the future message/s of the music

This is evident in their use of hip hop and dancehall to develop a glorification of drug and gun culture, having our children murdering each other

There are powerful, uplifting messages by many dancehall and hip hop artists being suppressed by the babylonian.  We have all had this very discussion a million times yet can do nothing to infuse positivity to the deliberately corrupt shitstym

Now more than ever we need our musicians


My message to all you spirit warriors out there, singer, song writers, horn players, cellists, bass, guitar, congo, drummers, cowbell and everyone, the spirit cannot be curbed

It cannot be controlled

It feels like a deliberate block on music

But it isn’t possible to block the spirit, the soul

Babylon only knows the physical.  They fully control the physical

The spiritual cannot be controlled

This isn’t an answer to fix anything

I felt a vibe, so I write again

311 Judas

311 Judas

We are designed to keep each other down

It isn’t just being competitive to strive and to aspire to our best selves and our best earning power, it is also ingrained to step on others in order to keep them in their place/s or push them further down

It is why 311 works so well

It has power, directly to those who “govern” us.  Each coward justifies their avarice and greed even if they have nothing to gain, except for the personal satisfaction of keeping someone else down

We NEED to make absolutely sure that no one but us rises to the fore

The money game

You need the right contacts as well as the right formula to elevate

The money game isn’t about the love of money.  It is about status

Status known or status perceived or just perverse personal satisfaction

Yet status is acquired

There is constant, daily, personal pursuit of this elusive status when you are only one of the seven billion ants / sheeple, statistically with zero chance of ever elevating your station from teenage years to retirement, so instead of only seeking status, we engage in pushing down total strangers, friends, relatives, siblings and even our own children

I thought of the type of coward who would call 311 and realize that it is most of us

Throughout the histories that we leaned, we are believe ourselves to be the heroes we glorify but most of us are not

We are Judas

“I can’t make it, but if I can help it, neither can you”

In all households globally there is one, two, or three of these Judas

If this piece bothers or offends you in any way, good, I am speaking directly to you


To many, this is actually a badge of honor creating what they hope is a better, cozier relationship with those that run the government or the law.  They are aware that the law is the power, so why go against it, even if it is unjust

Judas role

311 is perfect for Judas.  He or she can anonymously make the call and watch from a distance, glorifying themselves as the target of the call gets “the law”

Cowardice personified

Judas sleeps well that night knowing they did their Judas-duty.  They were able to keep another total stranger or someone we know personally in their place, or push them further down

311 Judas

Written from feel



This is how the so called one percenters manipulate us sheeple

They make us so angry we emote, instead of stopping the subject of the anger

Kill a nigger before the whole world and get  them screaming and marching, burning and looting, hiding under the bed, walk around in fear daily as a police car rolls by, facebooking our frustration/s, spend hours talking to friends and family about this new crime

Name them… Amidoo Dialo, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Lester Donaldson…

But they don’t stop do they?

We call these people demons and evil in an attempt to identify them for our notions of God.  God will get them for us.  No He won’t sheep

Step aside sheep, this isn’t a job for you

Yu nuh mek fe is.  Yu too soff

These evil people kinda enjoy you calling them evil actually.  More than insulted, they feel a sense of joy, a compliment even.  We are so superstitious in our fear of evil, it continues to give them the edge that they need to continue their evil

Go near them and they are protected by the police who they pay handsomely and give them power over the herd

When stressed with emotion based on world collapse from covid mismanagement by governments yet actually feels like a narrative of the evil, we wonder how we will survive the coming apocalypse

Our emotions blind our ability to go directly to the source

Emotion blinds

Emotion confuses

Human thing

In a loving space the dishonesty of the evil coward works best… it runs our emotions to the peak because we sheeple trust them from birth

We all trust them

The Hippocratic Oath.  It took me a minute to realise the connection to the word hypocrisy and Hippocratic

Emotion towards big pharma clouds our judgement very successfully

Some doctors, pharmacists, oncologists will hate on this but they are a part of the Hippocratic process hence have lost my trust and respect.  Funny thing is, some have already figured this out and left their various professions to focus on true healing.  They ovastand that fighting big pharma is futile so they do what they do in their own families and communities

This becomes dangerous work if they are found out

Hippocratic Oath

They do not hide what they do

Emotion blocks any ability we may have of effecting change on these folks whose systems seem quite complex and unbeatable

Emotion destroys our ability to move them, even if we know them

Venting as usual

I have no answers ever

I realize more and more that I don’t know much.  An expert on nothing

But emotions come over me as well

So when I feel it, I write

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