Native Vigil @ City Hall Toronto, Canada

“A grotesque carved human or animal face or figure projecting from the gutter, especially of Gothic buildings, used as a spout to carry water clear of a wall. The word Gargoyle is derived from an old French word gargouille, meaning throat”
I equate colonial “governments” as gargoyles, draining the spirit of humanity

We no longer thrust the institution of “church” with its record of murdering MILLIONS since its inception.  No God is this inhumane.  No God condones rape and pedophilia!

~ ~ ~ ~

I went to the demonstration of the native women beneath the gargoyles at Bay and Queen

My sistrin Kelly sent me photos taken by her phone a couple of days ago when I was speaking of the #canada150 gargoyles

I was speaking of councillor Mary Margaret McMahon who insisted on shutting down Afrofest to a single day from a two day festival because of 8, EIGHT noise complaints…

EIGHT noise complaints

White, colonial, loyalists have proven to be inconsiderate cowards, reminding black or native populations of “their place” by imposing their power by outright killing humans

I went yesterday not knowing what to say to these native women camped out at Old City Hall in the midst of white power

These women are asking for life

Broken record yet, $500 million spent on Canada 150 celebrations (including $200,000 for a yellow duck) and these women of first nations continue to disappear and to be murdered

In Canada

Who gives a fuck about this duck?

The color yellow suits the people who revere this white superiority concept

Yellow for coward

All this power and their pet hobby is the murder of Original people

How is that “Canada the good”?

I had to go speak with someone in the camp to get a sense of what I can say or do to help the native children and generations to follow… the children of these white gargoyles needing some love and compassion who are ultimately the people who must elevate this spiritual condition for humanity’s sake


That’s the only weapon these women are using to fight with and Canadian citizens have no love. They do not communicate effectively in the frequency of love so they cannot, will not relate to these native daughters

No “government” will change this condition

They are the ones explaining why the Indian Act was necessary to genocide hundreds of thousands of native people and to franchise the concept to South Africa as Apartheid to murder original people… Africans

I follow RasTafari, a spiritual concept to show love, equal rights and justice to all life. In the pursuit of the protection of humanity I take the time to visit with these people… my people and try to find words to reach the privileged white Canadiasn who can relate to this struggle and show their children, the future of this country, a positive way to elevate all humans on this land that their ancestors brutalized a race of humans to ‘colonize’ like a virus… a cancer… a gargoyle

The Gargoyle has no respect for women

Gargoyle women glorify the right of their men to abuse them and all other women. Mary Margaret is my poster child for this as there are many others in this role also. Look at the corporate world to find other female gargoyles who actually aid in the murder of native women

Or are they victims of the gargoyles as well?

One ‘race’ of humans murder everyone including themselves

The gargoyle

We are all aware of that based on the history books that the gargoyles wrote from China, to India, to all across Africa, South America, the Caribbean, the gargoyle leaves a trail of murder called “colonization”


So I know now that the gargoyle’s greatest fear must be woman and their nurturing roles in the lives of humanity’s children

And we cannot “fight” for change because all the gargoyle knows how to do is the fight… to war

A matriarchal society is developed through love and nurturing

We allow the gargoyle to remove that from our society

The gargoyle is a cancer

The ultimate cancer

This abuse to native mothers is an abuse to all mothers across the globe

Where are the lions fighting for their lionesses?

Lions need to stand beside our lionesses against the gargoyles

We need our feminine energy to elevate all energy including the masculine energy. This is called balance

Haile Selassie I was crowned King of Kings, Lord of Lords, The Conquering Lion of the tribe of Judah, Emperor of Ethiopia and had his wife Empress Menen crowned at his side in 1930

There is no greater example of equality, love and balance in the history of this planet than that day of His Majesty’s coronation with Empress Menen crowned at his side

RasTafari must retrain the gargoyle to the ovastanding of balance

As a divorced male, I speak from a fantasy of what I would like to see.  Unable to make a life with a female spouse has not deterred my respect for her as a person or as a role of an involved affectionate father to our children.  As a matter of fact, now that the emotional pain has subsided, we have both maintained a respectful relationship and found a way to co-parent and to still elevate our children

From a divorce we are aware that we aren’t dealing with perfection so the process to elevate each spouse by the other also elevates our children

We need our women to feel strong within their femininity and not to be treated as a weakness as we men also need that masculine freedom

We must celebrate both the masculine and the feminine spiritual energies in full balance
None can be free if we suppress the other

We cannot allow the gargoyle to lead as we have done in our past.  Look at the planet today if you don’t believe me

No change to native life will come from either Stephen Harper or Justin Trudeau or any other white Canadian ‘leader’

It must come from the people


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