The weaponizing of music

Those who tell me “conspiracy theory” you are correct

For those who live this with me, keep reading

They created “intellectual property” monopolized the marketplace trying to control a spiritual entity that music obviously is

It is written with souls, communicating to other souls

Lyrics at times




A spiritual message given to one soul and it connects to other souls

Music my people…  You know what I’m saying

They allow us to aid them in controlling the market with our access to music on any platform available

“The Message” is in the music

They know this

They are successfully shutting it down and then squeezing though the eyes of their control.  No spiritual messages will reach the people if they can help it

And we are aiding them to achieve this

I most certainly am

I’m currently listening to a mix on a CD by Deejay Scootz, with songs on it with Morgan Heritage, Chronixx, Jesse Royal and mush more


I did not pay any of those individuals.  Scootz is sharing a musical love and energy that he knows that I need and I have wrinced this mix for three days now.  In between playing this I’m on YouTube listening to any unlimited amount of music as some spin vinyl while other on Spotify and SoundCloud and MixCloud.  We are aiding the machine

What is the alternative?

I have no clue

I’m just writing some feels and thoughts

Maybe someone else sees this as I’m seeing it and I get to ask the question as they create the answers

The machine uses the largest show promoter to crush the rest of the industry

All of this is news to no one

We are the music

Controlling a spiritual entity is not a possibility

The words are put to all who feel this like I do

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