MessenJah Interview ~ Conscious Thought

Knock this one off the bucket list – Interview Canadian reggae legends Messenjah

0:59 – Bob Marley “War”

4:14 -Meet Carl Harvey, guitarist for Toots & The Maytals

8:29 – Why Toots translates even today

12:13 – Carl on tour with Toots 40 years

13:13 – Buju Banton “Yardie”

16:31 – Messenjah’s longevity – Crack of Dawn – Jackie Mitto mentoring the brothers

22:13 – First Black band signed to a record label inna Canada – Crack of Dawn – Columbia Records

23:43 – Dedication, dedication, dedication yet one must first have talent first and foremost

33:42 – Discipline of the travelling musician on tour ~ being professional about your task and your job

34:57 – Messenjah

36:26 -Why the reggae story is lost in Canada is because we depended on a colonial, racist, white culture to document black music (my words).

37:56 – Not even Messenjah with all of their accomplishments can get grants out of white Canada (my words again)

40:26 – Toots & The Maytals “Pressure Drop”

45:11 – Our youthful perception of RasTafari as youths growing up in Jamaica ~ DREAD!

45:56 – our thoughts on Reggae Lane, the complete disappointment many in the reggae community feel on various levels.  People who don’t agree with each other about the lane’s placement, still share the same disappointment that the lane isn’t used  to properly showcase and elevate a very respectable reggae community in Canada

My opinion is that some arts councils some place spends millions on the ballet yet Reggae Lane “has no budget” as I was directly told by a government official

Why no budget?

Ok then, step aside and allow those who how to promote reggae do their job and invest in Reggae Lane as a Toronto tourism destination, which it already is

Reggae Lane is a reflection on everyone and what we have today could easily be amplified and PAY the talent that currently resides here to maximize its fiscal potential

Why isn’t that happening?

1:00:24 – Discipline and dedication a common theme to achievement

1:06:24 – Combat is spiritual

1:07:39 – The synergy and spirituality of martial arts and music

1:09:24 – “We’ve Had it” ~ Rupert Harvey

1:14:23 – Acoustic Performance

1:18:23 – Acoustic live performance ~ Satta Massagana – a guitar performance to pass on to people

1:30:22 – Purchase Messenjah t-shirts

1:32:07 – RADA – “Show me how you treat your woman and I will show you the condition of your race” – Dr. Yoseph Ben Jochannan ‘ Dr. Ben

1:35:37 – Acoustic tribute “Old Friends” to the old days when we all did a grow.  Listen to the many names that Ojiji calls out – touching tribute

1:42:51 -Toots & The Maytals “54_46”

1:48:21 -Speaking about “Feel Reggae Seminars” with Carl Harvey where we learn from musicians like him who has played on stage with, Toots, Dennis< Gregory, Sly & Robbie and the list is endless

Stay tuned for information

1:52:50 – Acoustic “Jammin” Bob Marley

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