Marcus Garvey 130th Earthstrong Celebration ~ Tabono Institute

17th August, 2017 was the 130th earthstrong of Marcus Mosiah Garvey as well as the 100th year of the UNIA in the USA.

Tonight’s celebration was uplifting in a way that you know change and positive growth will come from these leaders within our community. Nene Kafele,a long time friend and conscious soldier for eons, Itah Sadu, the owner of A Different BookList as well as many others have paved the way for black upliftment through education.  Tonight’s event wasn’t just a pile of words like many are used to..

Present at the event and a passionate speaker, Consul General, Lloyd Wilkes stirred the audience with Jamaican as well as African pride and energy, which for me means a lot because I have grown to distrust government of all sorts.

Below are photos of tonight’s gathering


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