Luciano & Fujahtive ~ Toronto 9th April, 2016 ~ Dr. Roz Benefit

​Dr. Roz’s

The shelter provides women a place to live with their families for 90 days during which they are counseled in a number of areas including legal, obtaining work, housing as well as therapy and workshops for themselves and their often traumatized children. All the proceeds raised are to provide aftercare support services for clients once they leave the facility which is not funded by the government past the 90 day mark.

When an abused child comes into ​Dr. Roz’s care, we realize that they have often been greatly affected by the violence they have experienced and/or witnessed. Along with intensive counseling and support, each child’s emotional and social needs are met through creative and therapeutic programming. We ensure that children are given a safe space where they feel free to express themselves. Our goal is to help children put things into perspective during this tumultuous time and prevent the cycle of violence becoming a part of their lives in the future.

Whether it is through drumming circles, visual art, creative writing, group work or one-on-one sessions, we see to it that every child is treated with the love and respect that they deserve, while helping them to recognize their own worth. Programs include educational support and advocacy, child welfare agency intervention and support, assistance with securing subsidized daycare and focus on strengthening the parent/child relationship.

The event page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/102601660124004/

Purchase online @ Tickets.fujahtive.com

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