Living In Bigotry

I’m grateful for my Canadian life as well as my Jamaican heritage

I have so much pride in both things

Whenever I discuss corrupt JA governments and racist Canadian governments is definitely a result of this colonial life that we are forced to share

For the most part, even with the increase in gun violence, I feel relatively safe on the streets, night or day in this country

Daycare, medical care, technology, a mostly respectful society and so much more makes Canada a beautiful home

A place I do feel grateful to reside

Loving many things about my two homes should not stop us from seeing the things that cause the unpleasantness of racism and gun crime and not saying anything just because things are otherwise great

I love many things in Canada

I am proud of many things Canadian

I speak from a recipient of daily racist overtones and undertones


It feels like an instinctive racist agenda, which many won’t deny yet there is a vibe that I need to accept it… we all do

“It’s just the way it is”


Not accepting shit

As an immigrant, observing my 43 years now, it seems like white Canada needs to murder Native humans

This is clear to me

It can only be stopped by white Canadians

The Native humans would love to stop it all but they have been thoroughly abused by white european defendants for decades and have probably run out of solutions for a peaceful existence that could be conveyed to the euro descendant

With control of the media, the “Native Canadian” are lazy, drunk, drug abusers.  They are Native yet they are not Canadian…

They are Original people

And they are a spiritual guide on this planet yet the euro Canadian as well as American still abuse them since 1492 going forward

The european decent people spent $92 million to create a report, admitting to themselves that they genocide Native humans this 2019

$92 million

This much money to tell me what we all already know

Gotta love these people

$92 million and not a single name of one of the perpetrators murdering these folks

Fifteen decades of abuse, $92 million and not one name?

The parade for Bianca that I spoke of me not being satisfied with how Donovan Bailey is a small conversation but one in thousands diminished by the society in which I reside

Two mornings ago, I was walking towards King Street, as a streetcar pulled off the stop and some random, old white dude gave me the finger… I of course returned the greeting.  Forty three years ago it would have incensed me, and when I repeated it to friends, we bust out laughing because it has been thus from then till now

My goal isn’t about nit picking just for the hell of it but more to show clearly a systemic, constant and consistent racist like I and others are expected to accept.  If it pisses you off, get off my page

I don’t have to love Canada less to speak the truths that I live

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