July 05th, 2019 ~ Yardie Review

I am NOT a film critic


Aight, mi dun dat… De movie nice!

I was not interested in seeing another movie connected to I n I Jamaican culture that used gun violence as a selling point for the paying audience which will / would be predominantly black and Jamaican

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yu a bad man


It took I a night of sleep to fully assess what I saw in this film’s story


It was a beautiful love story of a man and his baby mother and daughter and their commitment to each other

Their rapport during the film was right and committed to each other

The scene of the elderly mom who came to the lead character to talk the devil out of his soul was most appropriate

The vibez of the people felt nice


Live by the gun, die by the gun

The lingering stench of death of our loved ones, carry forever.  It changes anyone and anything in its path.  It corrupts the soul of many of its victims… for life

Some move on and grieve when a next son or daughter is taken

Some seek other paths


All bwoy fe dead

Yah man, a so wi seet

So though one is enamored by the charismatic lead character and his sweet loving vibes, living this life has us needing revenge and many of us ovastand his path

Keeps the system perpetual

I man nah condone it yet it is what many of us live and have lived

This movie portrayed that energy to its audience effectively I believe… Well, to this one audience as I live this energy all I n I life

Sound track

Bad nuh rass…  Every chune play mi a dance inna mi chair

This movie pick some right tunes for all of the right moments

Yah man, dis movie can gwaan

Belinda Brady ~ Show Me

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