JuLion’s Post Election 2015 Canada – Jamaica

21st October, 2015

For a while there I felt more and more marginalized by the Canada that I was living in.  The leader at the time was a Conservative, Stephen Harper, where I have come to expect those folks don’t want to mingle with my kind. Not that I have issues with my personal worth but more to do with what the racist values of this planet have proven over and over and over again through history which was Harper’s mandate and platform from which he operated.

“Don’t you worry red man, we come in peace” or substituting slavery with the greatest system of yearly, centuries long degradation of the black races, “Here, sign a few of these treaties, borrow from the IMF and World Banks, give you a few more guns to kill yourselves in order to prove to you that you are unable to govern yourselves Jamaica / Haiti / Africa”.  Yes I am aware that the IMF is doing the same to Greece, Spain and Portugal but I have to bring my attention to Jamaica where I was born and haplessly watch as we become the poorest nation on this earth.  “Proof that you people definitely cannot govern yourselves!”

History reoccurs because we always figure that it was an anomaly and will never happen again and while it starts again we act like it has nothing to do with us.  We turn a blind eye because we have bills to pay, children to feed, jobs to keep and parties to attend.  The holocaust, slavery, the random police shootings and brutality of black males weekly, are crimes against humanity yet we all go along because “that’s just how it is” or “those people are animals any way so they deserve what happens to them”.

Harper is a scary dude for sure!  Yet it dawns on me that this guy, while spearheading Bill C-51 and Bill C-24 has the support of MANY because somehow, those bills got passed.  There are MANY white Canadians who helped to pass those pieces of legislation.  We act like Harper did it all by himself so now, the big bad wolf is gone.  No my people those who support those ideologies of separation are our “friends”, work mates, teachers, healthcare providers and LOTS of folks from different walks of life.  More people than we care to admit, who enjoy their elitism and privilege, still give strong support to those bills and even if they are repelled at some point, I am not confused into thinking they can’t and won’t become re-implemented in the future times.  History repeats…

For instance, it is / was perfectly clear that Harps didn’t like native people much.  Their women were disappearing at an alarming rate and he had no fucks to give.  Aaaaand still doesn’t!  I hope the native vote helped to kick him out of office!  Then he has a problem with Muslims and don’t like them much either, so he goes out and picks on who?  Their women of course!  “Them there towel heads aint go get no legal representation in my country if they can’t dress right!”  Wherever this fellow had an issue he would pick on the women and we didn’t defend them!  I KNOW the Muslim votes helped to defeat this dude yet his racist / sexist polices are defended by many in this country.  Stephen Harper is the tiny tip of a huge racist Canadian iceberg!  He did not do all of this alone (I reiterate).

The big white elephant in the room!

The one that no one talks about and many who may take the time to read this will feign ignorance of “what white elephant” or shrug nonchalantly thinking, “It is the natural order of things, white privilege must be maintained”.  Some will say that I am the one who’s racist and paranoid but heck, don’t take my word, look back in history.  It’s the same story, century after century!

What disturbs me most is that during the time that it was happening none of us stepped up to stop this dude.  We stood around and watched!  We did not defend our women!  If he were killing 1,400 white girls in Toronto you know there would be change long before he got to 14 murders!  Why didn’t we as a Canadian people do something sooner?  Why didn’t we protect our women?  Easy answer, First Nations people aren’t really Canadian because one has to be white to be truly Canadian with a family going back to several generations.  Muslims?  Sheeeeeet, they will never be Canadian!

It is my feeling that Stephen Harper should be charged with the murders of these women.  When a leader maliciously kills the ‘enemy’ they and their generals are at times charged with war crimes.  Harper should be tried, convicted and sent to jail!  He should be put in general population with First Nation, Muslim and immigrant inmates where they can get their hands on him.  Native Canadians became his ‘enemy’ and we still will do nothing to this guy!  Oh crap, I forgot, they aint white!

The Canada I used to hear about around the world was a respected and revered people who could travel with way less harassment than Americans could for example, and somewhere along the way that changed drastically.  I felt “Canadian” for a while, until recently of course.  Now that I am officially a “2nd class citizen”!  Blatant racism defended by some notion / excuse of national security.  Word to the wise, when you are an asshole, you should learn to fight really well and employ the dirtiest tactics possible because folks will eventually want to retaliate so Steve was probably just beefing up for that battle.

Bill C-51 & Bill C-24!!!!  These would become his shield.

Truth be told, the 2nd class thing isn’t a huge surprise for me and many.  I remember a time in 1988 when a Canadian won the Olympic gold medal, where a country rejoiced and celebrated as one, then there was a “steroid scandal” and that fellow was immediately “Jamaican born Ben Johnson” the very next day.  What I knew then, as is proven by Bill C-24 is that racist behaviors are a constant here in Canada and are expected to be accepted as Harper was not yet the prime minister.  Oh crap, it was another Conservative prime minister in Brian Mulroney.  History repeats…

I know what some of those folks are saying, “Then why did you come to my country?  Why don’t you leave?”

Well, I came here as a youth and became Canadian is why.  Dummy!  I am a diehard Toronto Maple Leafs fan!  I drink Tim Horton’s coffee, complain during the seasonal temperature changes and paid taxes here all my life.  Ok, had to drop a little satire in there because this isn’t an angry rant (Lord KNOWS I have had a few of those in my past) yet more of a release of thought which I am afforded living in this amazing place that has allowed me to blossom as a human being.

I don’t have to like or accept racism to love being Canadian.

This resounding result during this past election raised my Canadian pride because as many probably voted for Justin Trudeau based on the savvy, social media run campaign that the old redneck Stephen could not figure out, many simply voted against the redneck and are as happy as I to see him ride off into the sunset.

My romantic thought is that “humanity” prevailed.

Politics, balancing a national budget, foreign policy ideologies, change from leader to leader.  Who’s best for the country?  Who’s going to keep us employed?  Who’s going to make my life easier?  Who’s going to invest in my business and my life as an individual?  Who’s going to make my family feel secure?

From a fan boy standpoint, I grew up on Pierre Elliot Trudeau.  He was a hero to many of us as children in Jamaica and when I got here, I was happy with that dude as my leader.  He seemed to love Canada more than any man I could think of and made me feel included!  I was always saddened when he lost an election yet he was always Trudeau.  He was a rock star, an intellect, a pretty rude fellow when he wanted to be but most of all, a proud Canadian.  I watched him vacation in Jamaica or wherever he went almost always with his children.  He inspired me as a man and as a father.  I loved how proud he seemed of his family and was never afraid to show his love for them.

The biggest knock on Justin coming in and will be used time and again in the future is that “Justin is just not ready.  He aint no Pierre Trudeau!”  Well, while the redneck leaned on that rhetoric during the campaign, Justin and his advisors showed their ‘readiness” by kicking his ass.  They ran an upbeat, positive, responsible, savvy campaign against Harper who spent MILLIONS trying to hang on to a job that he stunk at!  They say that George W. Bush was America’s worst president ever (charged with war crimes by the UN, I believe).  In my estimation, Stephen Harper is the worst Canadian prime minister in this country’s history!  Justin is “ready” enough to eliminate the cancer that Harper is!  I feel filled with hope for the first time in a LONG time!  Sure, we all know politics and this could be just another politician with another story yet based on his pedigree I feel great hope.

A vote for “humanity” just happened.  Now I seek even more!  I am encouraged by this change to elevate my own place of birth.  There is no reason that a country that produces billions in the tourist industry, creates the world’s fastest runners, invents three distinctive types of music in Ska, Rocksteady & Reggae, and produces innovative, talented musicians, should have to have to live in abject poverty, murder, rape and hopelessness.  The murdering of Jamaicans must cease!  Will cease!

It is not self inflicted and we are all aware of that!  It is an orchestrated phenomena tried and tested on all black nations as all history books will show.

I focus on the positive.  I focus on the impact this tiny island’s people has brought to the world for decades now.  I know the true worth of Jamaicans.  It is evident in the impact and influence of language, dress, music, dance, art, fashion, intellect that Jamaica has brought to this world.  Jamaica’s greatest asset and export is its people.  We will figure this out.  The time is now.
The IMF / World Bank white supremacists won’t change.  That is proven history!

Our hope is in humanity as it was here in Canada.  Blessed to be a part of this shift!  Proud to be Canadian!  Proud of my Jamaican heritage!

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