Jojo Bennett of the Sattalites Tribute

Deep gratitude

That’s how Jojo has always made me feel

A musician out of the famous Alpha Academy in Jamaica

A reggae pioneer in a Canada, one of the few featured on Reggae Lane

Jojo’s accolades with his famous crew, The Sattalites, are too numerous to mention yet based on said contribution, he and the band are known across the Canadian continent from coast to coast

He is a selfless soldier, constantly sharing his love and knowledge with anyone interested in playing an instrument

The Canadian reggae flag standard bearer 

A true hero of this reggae culture

Truly a lion to be revered… By I n I standards anyway

He will be in attendance this coming Sunday

I’m asking all reggae musicians and practitioners to pay homage by your presence and contributions

This Lion is worth our time in my estimation

All of the ex-Bamboo heads out there who partied to The Sattalites those hundreds of weekends, come show face

Jojo Bennett, the standard, Canadian, Reggae flag bearer

Many of you live all across Canada that can’t make it, and wish to contribute, Jo and his daughter Jodi have etransfer set up for this event… I do ask that folks give generously at this time

The email addy is jbshyne@hotmail.com

​Here is a collage of memories that I witnessed over the years

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