Iron Sharpens Iron

IRON sharpens IRON

The love for Byron poured out in the room last night.  To see so much of Toronto’s TALENTED reggae musicians and artists in one place was almost mind boggling, yet there were also MANY that I missed earlier in the night and many, many, many more that were not even present.

These events serve to remind me of why I work at this genre as relentlessly as I do.

It struck me (and not for the first or even the last time, as it is a conversation that so many besides me have had) what if every reggae practitioner showed up every week like this to promote each other?  A Friday or a Saturday night?  Almost everyone in the place is / was a part of this industry in some capacity.  One band per week with a boss DJ!  Wives, husbands, girl friends, neighbours, reggae heads, musicians, good vibes, good people good food.

Playing for Byron last night had most everyone show up.  It was a fitting homage to our friend, brother, idren Byron.  The energy and love in the room was beautiful to experience and may not show through on the video provided, but being there was a blessing and a treat.  I know Byron was flashing that huge smile.

This is our “church”!  We should be featuring bands and artists weekly with other band members, artists, promoters, producers religiously come patron the event.  Weekly!

This performance is a Skattalites standard that has been covered numerous times yet certainly not rehearsed by this group yet they learned from each other and improvised nuff and brought the energy!

IRON Sharpens IRON

Some images from Byron’s send off celebration.
Respects paid to Byron by Tonya P as she sings a special for her / our friend, gone too soon.

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