Iauwata Amha Selassie

Iauwata’s Night

I have been around so much and learned so many things and Iauwata’s night confirmed so much.

There are some true reggae soldiers in this game and most real recognise real.  Iauwata was the real deal.  He brought out people high and low.

Sad that the ‘mainstream’ has no contact, hence no interest in being a part of these beautiful performances yet every once in a while, I get to record them and tell the story.  Not really much to say, you just display it and give the audience something to apprecilove.

Iauwata Amha Selassie was a beautiful soul.  When folks pass away, we are more apt to say such lovely things but in his case, this is so true.  He had time for superstar artists as well as amateur, up and coming artists and gave his time, his talent and his art to anyone who was serious about bringing out a song, an idea, a feeling to release a composition.  He was always so generous with his love and talent.  And he demanded the best.

So MANY artists showed up last evening!  All wanting to perform for the guru Iauwata!
Pet Peeve:  It was a celebration of Iauwata’s life contribution last night and I saw people making a guestlist!  A rass clatt guestlist or some saying, “I’m performing” and would not pay.  Sorry but dem fuckey deh haffe stop!

We do not progress because we are cheap among ourselves.  Our weakness will always be us.


I’m not trying to chat the family’s business but all of you KNOW without any inquiry, the funeral costs are still being paid for.

If some of you fulljoy the pictures and or one or more of the recorded videos please make contribution to the bank account provided.  Bank of Nova Scotia Acct. # 41582- 1197886

Please be generous.
Liberty Silver is a lovely lady to humble herself to the greatness of Iauwata.  Deep raspect mi sistrin!  You definitely made me feel that for real.  The whole room felt you.

Nana MacLean gives me goose bumps.  “your mine…” and I was satisfied!

Exco Levi is a talented “artist”.  Him nuh jus’ a singer,writer, composer…  Man come play de melodica these many years later after the late, great Augustus Pablo made it popular on dub riddims back inna 1970’s and de 1980’s (Special mention Friendlyness and Jonathan Rattos, two other melodic specialists inna Toronto).  Augustus Pablo tunes lit up NUFF dance and still does.  Exco come bus it pon de Satta riddim, played by a full, unrehearsed band.  Ites up to the lovely miss Uhuru Anderson.

Amai Kuda & Josephine, Afro Folk Duet have a brand new fan in me and many in the room last night.

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