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“I Don’t want to Die”

I don’t want to die

The last words out of the mouth of a 17 year old who was shot recently.  I learned this on the phone today from Louis March

These are your children

Your children

Our babies are beset by a dark energy giving finance and firearms, in a belief that they have true power, all be it for a fleeting moment, before they are murdered

Your politicians and police are a part of this dark energy, facilitating our children with this “power”.  This isn’t about bad parenting as much as it is a level of helplessness, out of a system set up by corporations, as most treat it as a “conspiracy theory”

Tears in my eyes as I write the words, picturing any of my babies in that predicament, saying those words as their life essence leaves their bodies

I don’t want to die

Ovastand the situation

You cannot relate to this level of elevated hate.  Hate of the rival infused by a hatred of self, preyed upon by the colonizer corporations, using our children as fodder

Talented, beautiful children

Jane and Finch, Rexdale, Scarborough, Malton, North York, Brampton, Sauga, wherever

Talented, beautiful souls, living hard and dying harder

Picture yourself or one of your children in that predicament

Most live in dread and fear constantly

This is no life

And this is all some have

None of these places or these children make guns!  They are filtered in by the most corrupt of all systems they we are all helpless against because it comes from corporations paying our officials to continue the murdering.  It is an investment to corruption

Our children

My instincts lead me to believe that John Tory is an integral part of this corrupt system

We won’t ever see change with this clown in office

Some of you know this truth yet feel helpless like I do

All I can do is to write about it

The degradation is deliberate in order to keep us angry


My observations of John Tory’s work towards the community let me know that this politician is a part of our problem

Not blaming Tory though

He is a small part of the corporate corruption.  A pawn in the system!  The power is higher than him

Jamaican, Somali, Ghanaian elders, parents needed to reach these children who wish to live

The shitstym is set up to deliberately take out our youth

The system / government depend on the profits of the murder of black children.  Death makes money for the system
{Police, forensics, first responders, doctors, surgeons, nurses, medical expenses, jail housing, funerals}

Each death / shooting pays all of these people and more, which is all profit to the system

Note how many times I used the word helpless or helplessness


More from the convo with Louis:

You will find that if you love your children, you will love many children

If you loved your childhood, you would want that for all children


“Stay home”, is the standing order in Jane & Finch today

Do not go for walks in that community or Rexdale for that matter

This is not new

Many are aware of this truth


“Why are we not speaking about Regis?” I asked Louis?  A young woman thrown of a twenty four {24} story building by “the system”.  How is this investigation going?


“The postal code in which you live, dictates the quality of life that you live in Toronto” Louis March

Look into what that truly means

“Why are we forced to think about dying?”

“I fear living more than I fear dying” 15 year old to Louis March

The system has won… Our children are helpless

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