I Don’t Know

“I don’t know.”

Three words we hate to admit to yet they define us and turn us into sheep.

We take ‘advice’ from our leaders who throw a TON of information at whatever situation we face and with that we lazy folks / sheep just go along docile like.  Daily!  The situation blows up in their faces then they send more information and explain why it went wrong but they are not wrong.  What they can and will never say, is “I don’t know.”

When there is some level of education (kindergarten, grade school, middle school, college, university, self taught), you soon realize that the more you find out, is the more the bullshit stories that you were once told, come from a TON of people who don’t know.  They have never known!
Yet “Knowledge is power” and so we embrace ‘sheepdom’ allowing some manipulator of “the knowledge” to tell us what to think and what rules to follow, even if the information that we were given starts to contradict itself.  We do not even question the contradictions of the knowledge or the contradictions within our own minds and souls.   We move with the ‘flock’ without question.

We are voluntarily ‘sheepified’ by those who assume that ‘flashlight in the dark’ role for us and we happily follow them.  We know the signs of the crap story that we are all expected to swallow and we voluntarily go along, even if the situation seems somewhat fishy.  We sheep don’t question.  Most feel helpless to the situations that arise.

God made the world in seven days.

He gave ‘man’ dominion over all things.  He meant the human male we are told.  Females are supposed to be a part of man’s dominion.  Well, we really screwed the pooch on that one.  I heard some statistic once that the main cause of death for men in a heart attack and the number one cause of death for women are men.  Nice job on the ‘dominion’ thing huh?  So we wonder why women innately do not trust men?  On top of everything else, we kill them!

Then there is the other ideology of Darwin’s Theory of evolution.  This is an even larger pile of shit story being given to us to offset the other considered stupidity (I don’t know) that some great being created heaven and earth.  This one is one of my favorite bullshit stories. So we were once amoeba, then plankton, then fish, then amphibian, then squirrel, goat, dog, cow, giraffe, butterfly, hyena, eagle, whale, bear…(somehow these intelligent cells knew how to create distinctively different species.)

No one actually questions the fact that the dude who invented this path for us to go down, if he were still alive today, would plainly explain that it is a THEORY!  It means that he is still trying to work his way through the thoughts.  He is still working on his THEORY!  So how come we all learn it in school like it is a proven FACT?  Why are we all forced to swallow this as fact?

When you meet a Darwinian ask them to point to ONE example of the change of ‘kind’.  Like the one where dinosaur raptors are the ancestors of birds or the more commonly known, monkey to man theory.  What they will do for you is to invent HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of years on to this ‘theory’ leaving us no way of checking into the believability of this line of thought.  Yet I like many others believed it for a time.

How come they just don’t say that they don’t know, instead of all of this elaborate horseshit of monkey into man crap!

Science tells me about photosynthesis where the chlorophyll in the plant (the green stuff) the molecules of light, mix it with CO2 and then makes oxygen for humans to breath.  My breakdown is obviously a loose translation but though this can be explained, who, whom or what is the architect or engineer?  It is exceedingly organized in its application, easily explained yet is miraculous to watch a pea grow life in a jar of water.  Science helps my understanding of the process of the working parts of all kinds of life yet the “theory of evolution” gets no pass from me.

No one has suitably explained ‘life’ to me.  This wondrous energy that flows through each and every form known to man!  What is life?  What is that thing inserted inside of our skin suits?  Is it inside the suit or is it the aura around the body?  What is life?

I am so obviously not a scientist but much of this “theory” made no sense to me at ten years old or even today.

There is NOTHING wrong with science trying to find explanations for our existence, space, the oceans, the air we breathe but the fact is, we don’t know how any of this works and the people with the explanations are full of shit!  No human has EVER spoken to God and that theory is just that…a theory.

“They” don’t know!

We would feel somewhat chaotic if we didn’t have someone able to explain lots of phenomena in our lives.  There would probably be sheer panic every time there was a tsunami thinking that Poseidon himself was just pissed off at someone or something.  Through science we have learned that earthquakes happen at sea and that is the cause of the tsunami being created.  Within the bullshit there are some real truths as well.  Knowing fault lines does not make Darwin a real story though.
Whether we choose science or the scriptures, we haven’t figured out this relationship between men and women.  THAT ONE, we REALLY don’t know.  Or do we?  Do we remember the centuries of servitude and degradation that we have heaped on to our women?  Even today!  And now we have many women independently claiming their stake in things and having the need to run their own ships.

Whatever we understood about a connection between the sexes has now been severed by a totally new mindset for both sexes.  And none truly knows what to do.  We are all confused.
Living through adolescence where everything is a surprise in relationships to being divorced, dating women again and seeing a different perspective through my own experiences, it is clear that I do not believe that I ever truly related to being in a “relationship”.  What I understood were labels and to living according to those labels.  Boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé, wife, husband, lover, booty call, we all slide into a role based on the definition of the word we choose to describe ourselves in these relationships.

I find bfs and gfs need a certain amount of text messages and calls throughout the day in order to maintain the relationship.  Someone like me, isn’t that big on frivolous talk so my conversations and texts tend to be shorter than most.  When chastised that the person feels neglected, I become resentful of and for my own time and space being infringed on.  Then there is the need for ‘ownership’ from either or both parties and that is always a no win situation.

We do not own our significant others!

Whatever expectations that they have for you will differ from the one that you probably have for them yet that is never truly discussed or defined…till it is too late.  I see so many people wrongly claim a spouse as “theirs”.  Some folks actually need that as a security blanket…to have the comfort of knowing that they are ‘owned’ by a certain individual and even more importantly, they need others to be aware of their status.  They need their friends to know that they are worthy of partnership and in order to validate it, we brag about the partner to our peer groups.  We brag about the anatomy (favorite body parts) of the spouse, complain about neglect or praise for their love or generosity or what a great job the spouse has, to the prestigious alma mater that they belong to.

Why do we feel that insecure need to brag about our partners over the years?  Some point to the Alpha male / Alpha female search for the best breeder in the pack.  The bragging tells the peer group that ‘you’ are the Alpha yet it is a great illusion by all of us.  We all brag out of pure insecurity.  The humble ones are always quiet.

Both ‘sides’ blame the other.  I have had my share of the blame game yet as I look back I see that my focus was never in the right place.  I felt it but I did not know it.  I did not know the path.  And anyone picking up tips in those store-bought magazines or television talk shows is definitely looking in the wrong place.  Folks used to hit nightclubs looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right.  Then the gym, then Ultimate Frisbee leagues or running clubs or whatever path we seek it is all pretty superficial in its inception.  It has every chance of complete failure from the jump.

Don’t get me wrong , all of the activities above and tons of others bring the sexes together so that we may all preen ourselves and flip up them tail feathers at our intended targets.  It is part of humanity to socialize and I have been in many of the situations above, totally fulljoying those experiences.  I am just breaking down to myself the reality of what it is that I have lived and what I may be able to best articulate. Couples compete for who has the best marriage and children, single dudes compete with the biceps and a nice ride, the single ladies compete with biceps and a nice ride and we find out that somehow, something is missing.  You know that something is missing because you are among the social group more often than you may be comfortable with yet too vulnerable to walk away from the time honored routine of ‘socializing’.

Why can’t I find a good man?

Most asked question by many of my lady friends and acquaintances.  Whenever I am in the presence of a woman or group of women when that query occurs, I would usually get my back up, as some of us do, because in that moment, you are faced with a barrage of horrible things men have done to women that I am expected to defend (or I think that is their intention) and I write them off thinking that “a good man could run you over and your still would not recognize him!”   I then now realized that I am pulled into that divisive strategy that keeps the sexes apart and also a continued walk down this mutually antagonistic path.

What if it has to do with the spirit?  It is not masculine or feminine but a connection of a spiritual energy.  Physical, chemical, intellectual are the ‘attractions’ that we focus on in the magazines because the spiritual connection is impossible to explain by the writer because we are all a part of that bullshit propaganda machine.  The best part of it is the emergence of the narcissist within each and every one of us, pretending it is only movie stars, professional athletes, performers or our asshole friends but no, it is in all of us.  It is our culture!  We are all narcissists!
What is the secret to a great relationship?

We don’t know!

NONE of the experts knows anything.  It is shown over the past few decades especially in so many disposable situations as it pertains to multiple lovers, singly or all at the same time, separations, divorce, crimes of passion, lack of trust of the entire gender.

Darwinian or Creationist, spiritualist, agnostic or atheist feels the same energy within ourselves.  Even though we can’t explain it, all of the energies of this living earth and space are connected.  ALL of our energies are connected!  It is the thing that I have grown to know.  Our spiritual energies connect and each negative situation whether personal, or a death, or a worldwide catastrophe like mass murders, suicides, cop killings, whaling, over fishing, acidic oceans, disappearing bee populations, destroying forest lands, weakens the collective spirit within all.

What I do know, is that a ‘relationship’ is not the purpose of my life.  I do not believe that it is the purpose of any human’s life.  It may be one of the perks of our existence!  I have been what is considered as “in love” in my life and I still view that time as a positive thing and a deeply warm, sunshine-love phase in my life.  I would wish that experience for any person I know.  It was LOVELY!  Yet I did not know what to do with it.  Neither of us knew what it was.  It just felt awesome!

Yet I hearken back to those times and I recognize the disconnection in our spirituality as two people, because everything else was working.  The spiritual energy and connection between us did not seek the same path.  Not a blame thing just recognizing the common denominator within my life experiences.

The people in my life that I have a deeply spiritual connection with, I have in my life forever, whether we are together or not.  Dead or alive, that spiritually energy is eternal.

Because I don’t know anything, I am going to tap into ‘self’ and see the thing in me that brings sunshine to me and to those around me.  I want that all of the time and it can be achieved singly or coupled.  I believe that the spiritual energy is the key in all relationships, in our connection to this planet and this universe.  It is the thing that “they” cannot discuss because it cannot be corralled like a flock of sheep and becomes a dangerous thing if it were enhanced by humans.
It is the force that binds all life.

Because the spirit is weak, the flesh follows.

“They” keep us spiritually decimated!  The path to physical destruction is easier to implement with a spiritually weak populous.  It works like a charm.

“They” makes us feel miniscule and insignificant and dependent on them for this pretty bad information when the answer actually lies within you.  In your spiritual energy!  “They” really don’t know shit but what they know is storytelling and because we are lazy and spiritually inept we are where we are today.

We have all heard this for most of our lives and it took me forever to recognize the truth of it.  The change the world seeks is you…me.

Remove the blinders and debunk the horseshit rhetoric and you will see the truth.  Our leaders and ‘educators’ don’t know shit!  I definitely don’t know any of the scientific or historical propaganda that they have fed into me as a truth.  Time has proven them more as propaganda.  All things are distractions from the real truth of how we are supposed to be.  The physical has usurped the spiritual.  The choice to change the focus is an individual one.  “None but ourselves can free our mind” a very wise man once said.

Jah love to all who can influence through the spiritual language without manipulation.

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