Hugh Fraser Benefit at Pat’s Pub

There is a benefit for Hugh Fraser at Pat’s Pub this Friday August 26th at 8pm. Here’s some background from Bill Clark‘s Facebook posting:

I felt a few extra words were in order for this Friday’s Hugh Fraser benefit as he goes through Chemo and Radiation.

This Friday please join VEJI as we host a benefit for Hugh Fraser, our wondrous leader, good friend and Vancouver musical icon. Hugh is in treatment for stage 3 Colorectal Cancer. Due to the treatment process and the preparation and recovery involved, Hugh has not been able to work for sometime, and it will be several months before he can work again.
I don’t need to state the obvious; but I’m going to anyway. Hugh has had an incomparable influence on many of us in the Vancouver and Canadian jazz community. We are all touched and directed in subtle ways by the people of significance in our lives, but there are a very few people whose significance is not subtle, but transformative. If not for Hugh my life would simply not have been the same. Undeniable. In 1979, he asked if I would be interested in being part of an independent Big Band, playing new music that would focus on extending and supporting our voices as improvisers. In 1980 VEJI was formed in the basement of our house on Mons Avenue in East Vancouver. Hugh’s constant support has been of incalculable importance to me since, and I think I can safely say, to many other west coast musicians as well.
Hugh has made had an incredible impact on the Canadian jazz scene, as a bandleader, composer, performer and educator. This Friday, we in VEJI would like to invite you all to come out and join with us as we show our support for Hugh the best way we know how.

By raising the roof!

Bill Clark

Pat’s Pub.
Friday the 26th, doors at 7 – show at 8

Special Guest PJ Perry!!!

For those that can’t attend but would still like to help Hugh out,
you can donate through this email:


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