Honor ~ Respect ~ Integrity ~ Nobility

​You don’t have to be a religious soul to grasp the Christian principles of God and Jesus, so I start out this way

Jesus has many sheep in his flock

His father God made Lions as well.  Jesus was one of His lions

“The Lion of Judah”

The sheep got together to try and make the world safe for themselves and in so doing; it attacks the lion spirit, created by the Almighty

Honor ~ Respect ~ Integrity ~ Nobility

All four only work with a humble spirit.  A MUST!

Honor ~ Respect ~ Integrity ~ Nobility

Those engaged in bigotry and hate weaken the collective

Yes I am aware of yin and yang.  One cannot exist without the other yet we must see the truth of these behaviors, clearly define them and deal with the planet differently

There is cowardice in the abuses the planet is currently facing from children abductions / pornography coming from the “highest” levels of society to racism, to encouraged bigotry, gender confusions which we all are aware of yet talk is all we seem to have

I feel as helpless as the rest of us sheeple

Yet this might trigger ones who can affect positive change as well

What are the prices we must pay?

Who cares?

Honor ~ Respect ~ Integrity ~ Nobility



I am trying to write for effect in the hope that it penetrates the right person/s

I don’t know how

I am as sheepified as everyone else

With a humble spirit I will seek these things in my own behavior as well as those around me.  I demand it of myself, even if I fall short sometimes, as I demand it in all relationships.  I am not demanding sainthood, just a realness through a humble style

It creates a deeper love within

We can’t go wrong with love

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